Wilson Most Comfortable At UNC

E.J. Wilson liked the North Carolina coach staff, the playing time UNC offered, and the school as a whole. However, his decision to choose the Tar Heels over Virginia Tech ultimately came down to one factor: comfort.

"It feels good I'm really excited about going down there," remarked Wilson. "I feel real comfortable [with UNC], it felt more like a family situation. I felt more comfortable with the playing time down there. I just felt more comfortable with the coaching staff and everything. "

Although still very much up in the air, the UNC coaching staff plans to use Wilson at either the linebacker or H-back positions. Regardless the 6-foot-3, 230-pounder will give 100% once on the field.

"They are getting a tough player that is willing to do anything for the team," explained Wilson. "It doesn't matter where I play I'll still give it my all."

Apparently, Wilson doesn't only excel on the gridiron, but also on the court and track, but more importantly the classroom.

"He's a wonderful player," comment Pam Harnett Wilson's athletic director. "He's played all different positions. He's not just an athlete, he's a student athlete with a overall 4.0 grade point average. He plays football, basketball – was on the state championship basketball team, and he runs track, so he's an all-around athlete."

As expected, Wilson is fully qualified, but isn't sure when he will enroll at Chapel Hill.

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