Wednesday Basketball Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The Tar Heels' head coach and David Noel met with the media Wednesday from the Smith Center…

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On the seniors:
"They've gone through a time period that no one else has gone through."

On playing against N.C. State's style:
"It's extremely important. You just have to do what your doing over and over, but as soon as you try ot take shortcuts, you get beat. I would like the score to be in the 90s. I'm sure Herb [Sendek] would not like it to be in the 90s. You have to be able to win ugly. We're going to try and impose our will and they are going to impose their will. It will be easier for us to win it it's a faster pace. It will be easier for them to win if it is a slower pace. They play better defense than they get credit for. I think they're a better team then they were last year."

On David Noel's improvement:
"He understands what we want so much more. He's understanding his own abilities so much more. He's trying to do everything the coaching staff asks."

On dealing with league officials
"I've tried to be seated more than I was last year. Last year I struggled to get my point across more than I have this year. Last year I was much more animated on the bench. I know when I'm up screaming and ranting and raving, I'm trying to be heard.

"There is no doubt there is so much pressure [on the officials]. It's the sad thing about the league and our officiating; they don't have time to look at their mistakes."


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Biggest key to your improvement?:
"Confidence. I've gotten rid of a lot of self-doubt. You just have to believe and have faith, and God will get you through."

On the seniors:
"It's really been a rough road for those guys. I'm happy for them. We never really talk about the 8-20 season."

On the abundance of talent:
"A lot of our guys in high school were the main guys on their team. When you come to a school like this, it's tough to handle that you have to sit on the bench."

On his role and Jackie Manuel:
"My roll is the Jackie Manuel's role. This year I've accepted that role. It's been a lot of fun. I'm just going to do what Jackie Manuel does. He's becoming a scorer more and he really locks up on defense. He's worked on his shot tremendously this year."

On the rivalry with N.C. State:
"I really didn't know too much about State. My mother was a State fan. But to me it was always Duke and Carolina."

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