Felton scores 30 in rout

Lake View HS (SC) tried to "out-physical" Raymond Felton and the Latta Vikings last night. It didn't work, but then again, not many strategies have been effective against UNC's super recruit. Felton scored his season average of 30 points to lead Latta High School to an easy 97–32 victory.

Despite an overtly rough defense seemingly designed to rattle Raymond rather than to win, Felton kept his composure, adding eight rebounds, nine assists, three blocks and four steals. With Latta's second-leading scorer and the main recipient of Felton assists, Murrell Sutton, out sick for the game, Felton's other teammates stepped up their games.

Looking ahead to Friday night, Feb. 1, Latta places first place (in their region of South Carolina) on the line as they travel to Terrell's Bay. This is a highly-anticipated rematch as Terrell's Bay is one of the few teams that have been able to give Latta a competitive game in their region.

In the first contest on January 15, Terrell's Bay's 6-6 Quincy Brown scored 36 points, but despite Brown's great game, Felton recorded a career high 48 points.

According to Latta's Coach Stephen Smith, this will be an important late season test concerning Latta's postseason play as Brown is difficult to stop on the low blocks once he gets the ball. Coach Smith predicts a Latta zone with plenty of help-side defense doubled down on Brown, denying him the ball.

1/29/02 Lake View
Score 97 – 32

Felton game stats
Pts.		30
FG     		11 - 17
3pt     		5 - 8
FT		3 - 4
Reb		8 (3 off.)
Ast     		9
TO           	3
Blocks     		3
Steals      	4

Felton Season-to-date, 20 games
Latta Record: 18-3

Pts.         	29.6
FG           	210 - 408 (51%)
3pt.          	80 - 187 (43%)
FT           	92 - 129 (71%)
Reb         	9.1 (2.9 off.)
Assists     	7.6
TO           	2.9
Ast/TO		2.6
Blocks     		1.8
Steals      	3.6

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