UNC-NCSU: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 95-71 win over N.C. State Thursday at the Smith Center…

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Opening Remarks:
"I appreciate you understanding that this is not going to be very long. I haven't felt very good, since you saw me at that press conference, I guess it was yesterday. I haven't gotten any better; I'm feeling a little better now, my temperature last night was over a 103. I went to the hospital today and they gave me a couple of liters of IV to see if they could get me through the game. The best that happened is that my team played their butts off and that certainly made me feel a lot better. Marvin's 3's in the first half were important to us. Sean's rebounding, Raymond I thought made one of his best defensive games and on the offensive end did a nice job pushing the ball and getting us some shots. It was a very difficult team to play against and prepare for because they are unusual. I'm pleased with what our kids did."

On Marvin Williams' performance tonight:
"He had 20 points, I thought he was impressive shooting both outside and around the backboards. He makes a bunch of free throws; that's a guy that plays aggressive around the backboards has a chance to get a lot of free throws. He's been sick himself, he got it on Saturday night, and I didn't get it till Monday night. Hopefully three days from now I'll look like Marvin."

On the team's overall performance:
"Well the nine turnover part is really good. I thought we played pretty well on Saturday too. We played pretty well so I didn't have to do much screaming. I told them before the game if they played their tails off it'd be a lot easier to coach. I tried to get them to concentrate during the timeouts so they could listen to me because I couldn't talk as loud as I normally do, so they concentrated. Give the kids credit, I could have stayed in the locker room and I honestly believed they would have played very well."

On Rashad's unselfish play, how he's looking to create for other people:
"I don't know that he's looking to create. He's just becoming a basketball player. What that means is when there's a guy open who's got a better shot you just instinctively give them the ball. I think he did that, and I think he's been doing more and more of that. He's becoming a much better all-around basketball player who can still score."

On how Marvin has improved from earlier this year:
"In every phase of the game. He's better defensively; he's better offensively. He's concentrating more on the fundamental part of his shot and free throws. He's been very very talented to begin with, but he's worked himself so hard in practice that he's better in every phase of the game, especially defensively."

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