UNC-FSU: Roy Williams Quotes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams addressed the media Sunday after UNC's win at Florida State ...

Opening Comments -

That was one of those ugly wins that we like to have. I guess if you play ugly and score 81 you have to feel good about yourself. I thought the last five minutes of the first half that FSU was a lot more aggressive than we were and I think that keyed their run.

In the second half, I thought we moved the ball and shared it well and got some good shots. We hit some good shots so you have to give Florida State credit. Melvin, Marvin and David Noel coming off the bench and playing the way they did was very important to us. We did force 22 turnovers, so some things worked out good for us and some things didn't. I like the fact that we won and it wasn't pretty. I'll take it.

On last season's FSU comeback -

My flashback was over with after my halftime talk. I thought about it at the airport and remembered how I felt. Once the game started, I was coaching every possession and wasn't thinking about what happened last season.

On deciding against calling a timeout once FSU trimmed the lead to one -

That's the reason we practice all the time. We practice those scenarios. We always joke, but I think there's merit to thinking "You got us into this mess so you get us out of it". They made four straight threes. I like to call timeouts when something can be said other than "Woe is me". I'm not going to call a timeout because the crowd's cheering. I think that is good. We have to learn to play in these situations and we have to learn how to get out of holes.

I was disappointed with our aggressiveness and intelligence. There are things that we talk about all the time in practice that we shouldn't do and we were doing some of those things. In college basketball there is little difference between winning and losing. I think the biggest thing is poise and we showed that today.

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