UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

DURHAM, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media following the Blue Devils' 71-70 win over the Tar Heels Wednesday at Cameron Indoor Stadium…

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Opening Statement
"That was a great basketball game from a competitive side. I thought both teams played extremely hard. Three or four things that jump out at me when I think about the game. I think their defense was stronger than our offense for us to have 23 turnovers and not in a running game, we can't do that and I thought that was huge for us. I think they made bigger plays than we made. DeMarcus [Nelson] gave them a huge lift coming off the bench; created match-up problems for us and yet we couldn't get him isolated enough inside when he was guarding one of our bigger guys. We didn't get him as often as we wanted, for sure. I think he was shooting 39 percent from the free throw line going in tonight and he was 4-for-4 and 24 percent from the three-point line and he was 2-for-2, so this youngster stepped up and made big plays in a big-time game and you've got to congratulate him. J.J. [Redick] is really hard to guard, chasing him around, and yet Daniel [Ewing] made a big three for them as well. It was 53-53 and they made two in a row and yet I'm proud of my team at how we got back in it and had a chance to win at the end. Needless to say, we didn't get any shot, much less the shot that we wanted. I was very confident at that point. We were trying to run a set that we've run a lot and had good results from it in the past, but we didn't get that tonight. I thought Sean May was phenomenal around the basket, rebounding the ball and scoring for us. Again, handling the basketball and their guys stepping up and making big plays was the key to the game. We can't have 10 assists and 23 turnovers and be the kind of basketball team that we want to be. At the same time, their pressure bothered us. I did not think that their pressure would bother us, but we had five different turnovers just throwing it from Point A to Point B was 10-12 feet away because they were aggressive on the ball. Again, I'm not saying it was a great game from a pretty standpoint, but it was a great game from a competitive standpoint. We would have liked to make one more basket is what it boils down to."

On options going into the final play:
"We had three different options. It was a play we've run before. Rashad [McCants] made a big three against Connecticut last year, got a drive against North Carolina State, but we had three options. I really thought we were in really good shape. When Daniel [Ewing] reached from behind and Raymond [Felton] got it and there was nobody in front of him, I felt that I liked our chances at that point, but we didn't make the play ... We had three options-- throwing it to Marvin [Williams] on the block, to David [Noel] coming off on the baseline, four options, Rashad coming off Sean's [May] screen and if they double Rashad coming out, we're supposed to throw it to Sean."

On Duke's efforts to slow down North Carolina's offense:
"They slowed us down when they got the job on offense. I mean, they spread the floor and controlled the tempo that way. And in their pressure defense, there's no question that that bothered us too."

On Rashad McCants' shooting difficulties:
"He's really had some great games for us, to say the least. His shots didn't go in tonight. One time, he had a wide open shot right in front of our basket and missed it and Jackie Manuel got the offensive rebound and put it back in. We had a timeout and I said `Hey, it's a great shot; it just didn't go down, but your teammate covered for you, so now you get the offensive boards and cover one for him.' He was 3-for-13; Jawad [Williams] was 1-for-6. You know, guys that have made a lot of shots for us this year, the ball didn't go in for them tonight."

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