UNC-Duke Postgame: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, NC--Adam Boone, Jason Capel, and Kris Lang addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 87-58 loss to the Duke Blue Devils at the Dean Smith Center on Thursday night.

Adam Boone

Duke has a formidable backcourt. What's it like to play against them in person?

"They have a very good backcourt. I've played against both of them before, so there wasn't really any surprise. But understand that they are both quick and capable of getting to the basket, and they both shoot it well. That makes it tough on anybody."

What is there biggest asset? What gave you the most trouble tonight?

"That's hard to say. They can hurt you a lot of different ways. I couldn't give you just one answer."

You had such a great game against Clemson and struggled some tonight. Does that hurt your confidence, and how do you get back what you had at Clemson?

"It doesn't bother me. When I go out there, I just try to take advantage of the opportunities, and I plan to do that on Saturday as well. It doesn't hamper my confidence at all."

How do you see the team handling this loss and moving on from here?

"I think we'll be fine. We understand that when we come to play on Saturday that the score will be 0-0, and there won't be any momentum on either side. We just have to play."

Jason Capel

What happened when things got out of hand in the second half?

"You all watched the game. They made shots; we turned the ball over."

Are they thest team that you've played this year?


What did they do out there that gave you guys trouble tonight?


What did Coach Doherty tell you after the game?

"Get ready for Georgia Tech."

How does this team put this behind it and go on?

"It's just something you've got to do."

Kris Lang

Good first half; tough start to the second half?

"It was actually a very surprising first half, considering we had 14 turnovers and we weren't down any more than what we were. The second half, they were hitting outside shots, and it just broke down our defense from there. They're a great team and a smart team, and they utilized that and kept scoring."

Are they quicker than anybody you've played this year?

"You have to talk to the guards. I just had Boozer on the inside, and he doesn't do a whole lot of dribbling, so I didn't have to run around anywhere."

Duke has a swagger that Carolina usually has. Can you get that swagger back?

"Definitely. If you are a competitor, like me, I'm not going to sit here and tell you 'No.' Of course you can. You just have to keep working. Duke is a great team, and they played well tonight."

This team got beat tonight, but how important is it how you handle it, for the rest of the season?

"It's a matter of how you turn it around. it's whether you are going to get back up or not. I'm not going to stop getting back up. I'm a fighter and a competitor, and I'm not going to quit, so you'll see me coming back. I didn't have a great game [tonight], but I'm looking forward to a great game Saturday."

What did Coach Doherty say about the crowd late in the game?

"He said he was very pleased with the crowd. The fans didn't have to stay when we were getting beat by 30 points. They could have left, but they kept cheering. That's a positive sign for the true Carolina fans. It was disappointing at the NC State game. I think there was almost more red than there was blue in here. Tonight there was a great [turnout], and it was good to see that."

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