UNC-UConn: Locker Room Report + Audio

HARTFORD, Conn. – North Carolina players' Marvin Williams, Jawad Williams, Rashad McCants and Raymond Felton addressed the media following the game…


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"They were big…they had 6-9, 6-10 and 6-11. Those guys are big and strong in there and they can jump and their tough. We just had to be more aggressive on the offensive end and take the ball to the basket and go strong [in the second half]. That's about it.

"I just got started slow. My teammates were patient with me. In the second half I think I was more aggressive and good things happened.

"We definitely had our best practice of the year on Wednesday. It was the same kind of practice, but everybody was focused. Everybody was ready and we were ready to play."


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"I credit my teammates. My teammates kept their confidence in me. Even before the game, they told me they had confidence in me, and that means a lot when you were going through a slump like I was. They did a good job of getting me the ball where I am comfortable. I made a lot of great plays, but so did the other guys. They got me started with a dunk and after that it was a good day.

"It was not just me and Sean [May], but my whole team [made the difference in the post]. Me, Sean and Marvin were the biggest part, because we were just down there banging. Our team toughed it out. That was a big thing.

"This gives us another win. Me, Jackie and Melvin never experienced 20 wins. Outside of that, it just shows what kind of team we can be."


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"I had to make something happen. I had to attack their defense in some kind of way, so we could open down in the inside. I just didn't do it [in the first half]; that's all.

"This is big. It just shows how much more mature we are as a team and to show our poise – coming off a loss. Everybody was still kind of upset about [the loss to Duke], but we just had to come out and play against a big time team in a big time place.


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"This is the biggest team we've ever faced and the biggest team I've ever seen. We knew they were going to block a lot of shots and we knew we were going to get fouled a lot. It wasn't a pretty game at all.

"I've been sick for the last couple of days or so, and it was tough for me to get out there and keep my composure and not get down on myself. But my teammates had confidence in me and they kept getting me good looks and I knocked them down."

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