UNC-UVa: Roy Williams Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media following the Tar Heels' win over Virginia Wednesday at the Smith Center ...

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Opening Statement -

"I feel very good. I don't feel very good physically at all – I feel terrible physically. To go out there and go against the spread, a very confident Virginia team that had won three in a row with a different style … without Marvin, a little beat up and sick, three straight games on the road … and to go out and chase people like that and do the job we did, I feel very good about it. I told Sean May jokingly that he almost had the first triple-double I've ever coached with 17 points, 16 rebounds and 8 turnovers. …

"To shoot 54% and hold them to 38%, do the job on the backboards, and to be willing to play defense for 35 seconds is what I was pleased with. Rashad made a lot of shots – I haven't lost confidence in him for one second – but again Sean, Jawad and Raymond really did some nice things as well. … I don't usually politic, but I was surprised when someone told me today that we haven't had a Player of the Week in the ACC a single time and I thought after Sean had 31 rebounds in two games last week that it was at least deserving of something.

"I told Pete [Gillen] it was a great game plan and I told our team that this could be really good for us because we've got to be able to play and defend against different styles. Overall, very pleased, want to get Marvin back out there – he's got what they're calling a turf toe. … I'll give him the day off and tomorrow off, and hopefully it'll be better on Friday but we do realize these things tend to hang around. He's a tough youngster and he'll probably be able to play with it but it'll be quite painful for him."

What have you learned today and during the recent stretch about your team?

"The toughness. That eight game stretch was very difficult – six of them on the road and the last three in a row against quality opponents. We're never satisfied and would like to go 8-0, but it'd take a really, really good team to do better than what my club did and then turn around in the first game back … we didn't practice Monday because the whole sheet trainer Marc Davis gave me said "questionable for practice" … I like our toughness and that's one area we've vastly improved at from last year."

Was this one of Rashad's most complete games?

"I haven't been displeased with him. People have tried to make it out like he's struggling, but I think he's been playing pretty well. He realizes with this team he doesn't have to score as much as he did on other teams. He had six assists today and two more that the guy he threw to missed the layup … I think he's been pretty doggone good all along. Is that his most complete game? If you look at those numbers it makes you feel pretty good, so you can say ‘Yes.'"

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