Scouting Report: D.J. Augustin

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- offered 2006 point guard D.J. Augustin.

D.J. Augustin
6-0, 180
New Orleans (La.) Brother Martin

He has one of the better strokes of a point guard in his class. He has confidence, he has the range and he has shot selection. For his high school team he takes a lot of shots because they need it from him, but he's not a volume shooter, per se. He doesn't have to get off 25 shots to have a good game. With his high school team, though, they need him to be option No. 1 and No. 2.

He's not a volume shooter -- he doesn't have to get off 25 shots to have a good game.
He's probably a bit of an underrated finisher. And again, while he plays off the ball a good portion of the time in high school, you're still able to get a feel for how he passes and then in the summer he's a straight run-your-team kind of guy. When you put the pieces together, you have a confident kid who can wear a lot of different hats and has better than average quickness. You need him to score? He can do that. Need a heady floor leader? He's got a great feel for the game and he's probably an underrated passer, too. When you add it all up, this is a guy who has a proven track record of success, good skill level and he has defended his reputation the last couple years as one of the best point guards in the class.

Just really needs to develop an offensive game in between the drive and the three-pointer. He's such a good shooter I think eventually that will happen, but right now the last few times I've seen him it's kind of been three or drive and really in college he'll have to add another piece to that puzzle. Especially at 6-0, 6-1 you're not going to be able to get that every single time.

He's had a couple nagging injuries he's had to deal with this year, so that's been kind of a thorn in his side. And, I wouldn't call it a weakness, but when a guy plays off the ball a bit there's always the school of thought that you'd like to see him play strictly point throughout the year, but it can't happen because of the needs of his high school team. I don't think he'll have any problem transitioning to full time point guard in high school. He'll also need to get a bit stronger before he starts his college career, especially up top.

He has a good all-around feel and has always been very coachable.
He's all right defensively, I don't foresee that to be a problem. He's a pretty instinctual player with a good all-around feel and he's always been very coachable. One of the things I'd like to see more out of him is more of a take charge mentality – he's quiet on the court, nothing wrong with leading by example but you'd like to see him be a little more vocal. But everybody has his own style and that may be what'll work for him.

Signature Performance:
I don't know if I've seen the signature performance because he's been like the slow burn – saw him a lot, liked him, continued to hear good things, but I can't say I was in the gym for that one revelation kind of performance. Every time I've seen him he's just been really steady. A guy like D.J. is going to be hard to categorize a signature performance. I think his is going to come in the next year on a big stage. He's going to get a chance to play in some major national tournaments and a signature performance for him is just a good game on a big stage. He's not a guy who has to get 40. He can be the 20 and 12 guy in Vegas at the Big Time Tournament because his AAU team, the New Orleans Jazz, are going to be really good.

No. 19 – I'm not necessarily sold on any of the three elite point guards [Mike Conley, Augustin and Tywon Lawson] being able to move up any higher than they are in the rankings. This is a class that is laced with bigs and wings – that's the strength of this class. In my opinion right now Augustin is the No. 2 point guard in the class. I don't think any of the three are a Raymond Felton, Chris Paul or Mustafa Shakur flashy type that ascend that high especially given the wealth of big-time prospects that are in front of them in this class. Next year to make the McDonald's All-American Game as a point guard, you may not need to be ranked in the top 20 – you just need to be one of the best point guards in the country.

Final Thoughts:
He's facing really high expectations and he's a player who has dealt with them his entire career. With a kid that's been on the map as long as he has, this summer and next high school season should be nothing more than a victory parade for him. He's had an excellent run at this and he doesn't show any signs of slowing any time soon.

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