UNC-CU: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 88-56 win over the Tigers on Saturday at the Smith Center…

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Opening remarks:
"I think that the biggest thing about the basketball game is that in the first half, we would have done a better job controlling the dribble penetration and if we would have gotten back and picked up a bit better in defensive transition, it would have been our best defensive half of the year. I was really pleased with what we did on the defensive end of the floor. I was very unhappy with what we did on the break, fumbling the balls out of bounds, throwing it away. We had a significant lead when we were up 20 at the half but we hadn't taken very good advantage of the opportunities we had on the break at all. I was disappointed with the offense but very pleased with what we have done on the defensive end, and that's the reason we had that kind of lead. In the second half, it was a bit of the same thing where we still continued to work extremely hard, forcing 27 turnovers but we still had too many turnovers ourselves. It's a strange thing in the last five games, where our turnovers have been nine, nine, twenty-three, eleven, and now nineteen. We just have to do a better job getting shots, taking advantage when we have an advantage on the break, when we have a three-on-two, four-on-two, we've got to get the kind of shot that we want. Overall, I was really pleased with the defensive end of the court and I think that the rebounding and the turnover margin is the difference in the game. Look at Clemson's club: Oliver is starting three freshmen, playing another one coming off the bench quickly, so it's a bit difficult for him. He's doing a great job trying to get their program back going."

On Rashad not feeling well:
"During the first half, he didn't feel very good. He told me before the game that he didn't feel very well. I told him I would try to give him more frequent rest and we tried to do that. We came back at halftime, he felt worse, so I started Melvin. He (Rashad) was going to try coming in one time but he didn't feel that great. So I told him we wouldn't worry with it right now. But I think his problem is more of an intestinal problem, heartburn as opposed to the flu. I'm really ecstatic with Marvin being able to get 16 minutes and playing the way that he played. When he had that funky move on the end where he got a foul, it did scare me for a second. I asked him if it hurt his foot or if he was just uncoordinated. He answered uncoordinated, so that made me feel better. At that point, I knew there was no sense in trying to get more minutes out of him today. But he did feel much better today than Wednesday."

On any other players suffering from ailments:
"I think everybody else is doing pretty well. Always at this time of year, everybody has little aches and pains. But for the most part, we're over the majority of stuff. I can attest to the fact that sometimes it comes back so you've got to continue doing the best we can, taking care of our bodies and getting rest."

On reasons for winning streak against Clemson:
"I have no way of explaining it, you can call it a quirk if you want to. I didn't talk about it with the team except we think it's silly."

On Jawad's leadership role:
"It's been extremely important. I think the biggest thing for us is that since day one, I said in the entire preseason that he was the most consistent player that we had. He's continued to play this way. He had a bout where his knee was bothering him for three or four games straight. But today, I thought he was into it. He had some good passes that got to him and he does a good job of appreciating that from his teammates. He's doing some nice things but I would like to get on his tail about the rebounding, because we do need more than one rebound out of him. But I like four guys in double figures and two more guys with nine. But Jawad has been a big-time leader for us with his play and his emotions."

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