UNC-CU: Oliver Purnell Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The Clemson head coach addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 88-56 win over the Tigers on Saturday at the Smith Center…

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Opening Statement:
"I thought we ran into a buzz-saw today. We played an excellent team on their home court, playing well, which is always a tough ticket. I did not think that we played well but I think Carolina had a lot to do with it. I thought that early on we missed some easy shots in this environment and when we missed those easy shots we showed our frustration by getting away from our game plan, which was transition defense, transition defense, and more transition defense. Obviously Carolina got out and ran and nobody does it better than they do, led by Felton. Their wings can get out and they can make plays out there. They also get their rim-runner going, May or their big guys out of the block, on their running game. That's really what happened. By the time we gathered ourselves and got back to doing the things we talked about we're down 20 versus an excellent team on their home court.

"There was more of the same in the second half. We just tried to keep playing hard. We tried to keep getting back to our game plan from time to time as we called timeouts to redo that. But, Carolina kept the pressure on us. Again, I think we ran into a buzz-saw, an excellent team, playing well on its home court."

On his technical foul:
"I sort of wanted to send a message that we didn't want to be called for touch fouls when they were being very aggressive on the other end. I certainly wanted that message to be heard and if they wanted to T me up, they T me up."

On the Clemson's turnovers:
"I thought we were frustrated and a little nervous and all of those things in the first half. They kind of took us out of our game. They took us out of our comfort zone. Our turnovers were throwing the ball to the guy next to us and he sticks his hands out like he's not there. I thought we came unraveled and came back and got it back together. But, by the time that you do that against a team like this on its home court it's too late."

On the nervousness of his team:
"I think we come in here with high hopes. We miss some easy shots early. Now, they're trapping us and we don't go to the right spots. Then, the guy with the ball gets nervous and throws the ball up in the air. I think it was a combination of poise, frustration, missing some easy shots, and that kind of thing. Having said that, I'm going a little mindreading here."

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