UNC-GT Locker Room Report

ATLANTA, GA--Following the Tar Heels' loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Jason Capel, Will Johnson, and Melvin Scott address the media.

Jason Capel

On Tech's style wearing them down:

"Not really to me. They play a lot of guys, and you (referring to another reporter) say, they seem to foul a lot, but they have a lot of guys they can put in and they're good at it. They make you play their style and their tempo and they're better at it than we are."

On the difference in the first and second halves:

"They made shots. We made shots in the first half, they made shots in the second half. Not a surprise. (referring to the final score)

If Carolina was tired in the second half:

"If that's the way it looked, that's the way it looked. We can't make any excuses - they played well and they beat us.

Will Johnson

On the quick turnaround between games:

"It wasn't really a problem. I think the bigger thing was the way they played today. They made a lot of shots, especially in the second half and they executed well. I don't think we played our best game today. As far as the turnaround causing the outcome, I don't think that's the case."

On Akins in the second half:

"I don't know what it was, we'll have to look at the film. It seemed like he was open a lot more in the second half and he knocked down his shots. One of the keys was not letting him get open looks, and we didn't do a good job of that in the second half."

On whether Coach Doherty had been encouraging him to shoot more:

"Not really. If I have an open shot I'm going to take it. Overall, I'm trying to be a little more aggressive.

Melvin Scott

On Tech's success in transition and with the press:

"They're a great team in transition and I tip my hat to their press. They do a good job with the press and when they force turnovers, they're real hard to guard because they can either go to the basket or they have a lot of guys that can step up and shoot the three.

On playing more as shooting guard and how his game is progressing:

"My game is progressing - the 2 is my normal spot. When I go out now I'm more aggressive and look to get some more shots - if they're good shots. It's more natural to me at the 2, so I feel a lot more comfortable there."

What are the team's goals going forward from here:

"Our goals are to play aggressive and to take care of the ball. We've got to be aggressive both offensively and defensively."

On the inability to get Kris Lang involved in the game:

"We were trying to get him some touches, but they were bringing guys on the back side of the zone to help stop him. They had the 7 footer in there, and thy played him well in that zone. We just had to do a better job getting good shots from the perimeter to help free him up."

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