UNC-GT: Doherty's Post-game Press Conference

Coach Matt Doherty

On Carolina's overall effort:

"I thought we were fortunate to hang in there in the first half and be up by one. Then, in the second half, they got sharp and we were not as sharp as we have been. Give Georgia Tech credit because they did a good job of hustling the entire game and staying active."

On the difficulty of getting an inside game established:

"We tried all afternoon to get the ball inside to Kris Lang, but I thought Georgia Tech did a good job of being active on defense and keeping him from making shots with their physical play around the basket."

"When Paul coached at Sienna, he liked to play a lot of guys and they were always active on defense - especially on the inside with athletic players. Sometimes you risk foul trouble with physical players for creating physical play, but today it worked for them. That may have worn Kris down."

On the goal to improve with each game:

"I don't think it's fair to judge our improvement by our play today. We just played less than 38 hours ago against a tough Duke team, and had to turn around and play an active Georgia Tech team. I'm not making any excuses for our team today, but at the same time, I looked at this game on the schedule early this year and knew it was going to be a tough one to play.

Prior to this week, I think we had made improvements. We played great at Clemson, and at times controlled the tempo against Duke - we just had too many turnovers against Duke. Today, I just think we were worn out."

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