Felton's 38 points lead Latta

Latta High School moved one step closer to clinching their region last night, defeating their main rival for the title, Terrell's Bay, 91–71 Friday night. Raymond Felton scorched the nets in leading all scorers with 38 points, shooting 75 percent for the game (12–16) from two-point range on a wide array of slashes and drives to the basket.

"Raymond played a monster game — a typical ‘Raymond' basketball game," noted Latta head coach Stephen Smith. "38 points is above his average and that's usually what he does in the big games. He didn't hit his threes last night so he took it inside and got layups and baskets in the paint… [Terrell's Bay] went after [Felton]. He went to the line a lot. They tried to put a body on him all the time. They were grabbing him."

Felton was 11-14 (79%) from the free throw line.

Terrell's Bay's Quincy Brown scored 25 points in the losing effort. Concerning Latta's strategy against the 6-6 post player, Coach Stephen Smith said, "[Brown] got in foul trouble and we tried to post him up down low with [6-1] Raymond and Sean Short and get that fifth foul and we finally did. We had to get rid of him because he's a threat on the boards and we just don't have anyone to match up with him size-wise. He was able to get a lot of offensive rebounds and score. We made it hard for him. He only had three field goals in the first half."

Latta High School cannot become complacent despite easy first victories against district opponents in their first meetings. The Vikings face each team again on the road (except for Hannah Pamplico) and Felton seems to be a marked man.

Latta will most likely win its sixth straight regional title on Tuesday night with a win against Green Sea Floyd's, who they beat by 48 points in their first meeting, but Smith and his team are not taking it for granted.

"We can't go out there and act like it's already given to us and we have to keep our focus because the playoffs are only two and 1/2 weeks away," Smith said.

Giving kudos to Inside Carolina, Coach Smith commented, "Could I get one quote in (about the website)? We're getting a lot of fans. You know we're right near the [North Carolina/South Carolina] border and fans are actually coming to the games from North Carolina — lots of them!

"And on the road games we've been having fans come and follow the bus because they don't know how to get to some of these small communities. And it's really something weird and out of this world but we appreciate it. I bet that a lot of the stuff — the hype that Raymond's getting is coming from the internet site because those guys are going crazy about him in North Carolina."

The Felton Watch:
After scoring 38 points in last night's victory over Terrell's Bay, Raymond Felton's has 2,575 points for his career. He is now within 120 points of breaking the all-time South Carolina career points record of 2,695, set by Hartsville's (SC) Roderick Blakeney from 1990-1994. There are four remaining regular season games and the postseason for Latta High School and Felton is averaging 30.0 points per game.

Coach Smith is hopeful that Raymond will have the opportunity to break the record at home, at Latta High School. For this to happen, Felton would need to match his average of 30 points/game over the next four games to break the record on February 14th versus Lake View (SC) in their final home game of the season.

2/1/02 Terrell's Bay
Score 91-71

Felton game stats
Pts.		38
FG     		13-22
3pt     		1-6
FT		11-14
Reb		8 (2 off.)
Ast     		9
TO           	2
Blocks     		3
Steals      	4

Felton Season-to-date, 21 games
Latta Record: 19-3

Pts.         	30.0
FG           	223-430 (52%)
3pt.          	81-193 (42%)
FT           	103-143 (72%)
Reb         	9.0 (2.9 off.)
Assists     	7.6
TO           	2.9
Ast/TO		2.7
Blocks     		1.8
Steals      	3.6

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