John Bunting Spring Practice Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media from the Kenan Football Center following the Tar Heels' first spring practice of 2005…

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"Our team and our staff were excited to be back out there. We've got one down and 14 more big ones to go. We're back out here ready to go. We've worked real hard in this first training cycle and now we hope to get a lot accomplished in this training cycle this spring."

Why did you decide to dismiss those [Adarius Bowman and Isaiah Thomas]?
"I told you that when things change I would let you know, and that is where we are."

Can you talk about how much you will miss them?
"No, I cannot. We all know where they were before and that's where we are."

Will you try to help them find other schools?
"I will do what I can."

What is the status of Terry Hunter?
"Right now, his status remains the same. He is indefinitely suspended."

Does it disappoint you that they will not return?
"I'm not going to make any further comment. It think it's a shame that they're not here, but that's where it's at. I do what I can for them."

Can you say when the decision was made?
"I don't think it's important. We have recently made the decision. Do you need the minute, the hour? It was a recent decision."

Did Terry Hunter's incident with Isaiah…?
"I'm not going to comment on that."

Coach, is Matt Baker ready?
"Hell no. No, he's got a long way to go and he knows that. He's going to work real hard. We need to put him in as many pressure situations as we can during the spring and then again in the summer. We're going to put as much pressure on him as we can without hurting him. Our defense is faster, it's quicker and it's going to be more sophisticated this year; so he's going to see a lot of different looks. One thing about Matt is he's extremely competitive, he's very, very bright, he's been doing a great job studying to be in this role and it's his time. He knows he's got to perform. There is obviously inherent pressure with it and he's going to deal with it."

But this is not necessarily his job yet?
"No, of course it's not. But he's the No. 1 guy right now. I wouldn't say it's his job to lose, but he's got to earn this position. And right now, he's No. 1."

What about Cameron Sexton?
"He's too young to think about. That's so far off. We're going to give all those back up guys some and some walk on guys some repetitions. We're going to make this back up position as competitive as possible and push Baker."

Any position changes?
"Right now we've got Trimaine Goddard playing safety. We've got Mahlon Carey back at safety. We're going to make that a very competitive position. We've moved Larry Edwards to the SAM position. The linebacker position is going to be interesting to watch. Joe Kedra has moved to defensive end. Right now we've got Khalif [Mitchell] inside and we've got Kentwan [Balmer] outside."

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