UNC-MD: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The UNC head coach addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 85-83 win over the Terrapins on Sunday at the Comcast Center…

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Opening Statement:
"Tonight was a heck of a college basketball game. We had a couple of guys step up and make some big plays for us. We had a five-point lead, and they shoot and miss, and then make a three. Then we come down, miss a shot, and they make another three, and all of a sudden, we're down. I think that was one of the two key points in the game, and we responded after that. The first one was when they tied it up, and then we came down and scored on a set play. Then, Melvin hit his only three of the day to put us back up five. Then it got to that late stretch, and they took a one-point lead, and we came down and moved the ball around, and all of the sudden, Jawad makes the three. We go down to the other end up two, and I thought we had a stop again, but they got an offensive rebound and put it back in to tie the score. Then we scored with 41 seconds to play."

On Maryland:
"[Chris] McCray and [Mike] Jones made some big-time plays. McCray played a fantastic basketball game, and Jones made came in and made those threes."

On defensive strategy for last play:
"We thought they might run a `screen the screener,' but they ran it in reverse. They had the action going towards the corner, and we did a good job, and switched on it, and knocked it out of bounds. When it came back in, Jones tried to drive, and Sean made a big time block."

On Maryland's last offensive possession:
When you're only down two and you're at home, I don't know that you are necessarily looking to hit the one shot to end the game, as you might if you were on the road. I didn't tell our team to expect a three or a drive to the basket. I just told them to play good defense."

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