UNC-MD: Locker Room Report + Audio

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – North Carolina players' Jawad Williams, Raymond Felton, Sean May, David Noel and Jackie Manuel addressed the media following the game…

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On Sean May:
"Sean is unbelievable. He played extremely hard on both ends. He does great things at the right time throughout the game. Everybody always thinks about his offense, but in my opinion, his defense won the game."

On his game-winning layup late in the second half:
"It was a big shot. It ended up being the game-winning shot ... I did it on the fly. Coming off a ball screen, it was open. I had a clean lane to the basket. Sean did a good job at clearing his man out so he couldn't get to me. It worked out well."


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On his critical blocked shot at the end of the game:
"Mike Jones He got a clean look and I knew he didn't have enough time to pass it and I was able to come from the weak side and get a big block. It was the game-deciding play."


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On players being able to fill different roles as needed:
"Everything is clicking. We prepare for that. We mix it up in practice and make sure everybody plays [in situations] they don't normally play in games."

On the team's maturity this year:
"We've matured this whole season. We showed it tonight and we showed it in the N.C. State game. We knew we still had an opportunity to score and we have so much confidence in our defense. We know that is going to keep us in the game."


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On UNC's final offensive possession:
"We called our fist play. It's a high screen, where the low guy reverses and seals his man off. And Ray got around the top screen and drove it to the basket. And Sean was able to seal off whoever was guarding him. Ray took it right to the basket and scored."

On Felton's improvement since the Duke game:
"He's a basketball player. He knows you have to have a short term memory to play basketball. He just took over for us and made a big shot at the end."


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On Felton's play:
"Ray was being Ray tonight. He made a lot of great plays and made it easier on us. That's the type of player Raymond Felton is."

On the last offensive series:
"We were just running our motion offense and if we didn't get anything out of it we would run a set play. We ran our motion offense and they didn't do a decent job of helping out on Ray."

On your final three of the game:
"Well, like any shooter, I thought it was going in. I had made an error earlier in the game and I kept telling my teammates I was going to make up for it."

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