FBall Recruiting: Marcus McNeil Update

Inside Carolina spoke with OL target Marcus McNeil on his recruiting status.

Inside Carolina – Marcus, who are you considering as of today?

Marcus McNeil – I am going to decide between UNC and Auburn.


IC – Who has the edge between those two?

McNeil – Right now they are even.


IC – What do you like about Auburn?

McNeil – Well I like the coaching staff and players for both schools. Auburn said that they might have room for my cousin Brandon Moore (DB from Hoke County NC) if I choose Auburn.


IC – How about Carolina?

McNeil – Carolina is my family's favorite. There also appears to be early playing time available there.


IC – How about GaT and TN? Have they been calling and recruiting you?

McNeil – I have talked to both tonight. In fact the entire GaT staff was on the phone on a conference call to me.


IC – Why did you eliminate GaT?

McNeil – I see myself as a Left Offensive Tackle (LOT) and GaT has a guy that is very good and just a freshman. I want to go where I have a chance to play early.


IC – I guess the Carolina staff has told you that the starting LOT has left the team?

McNeil – Yes, they told me that.


IC – Are you and Jonathan Palmer still going to the same school?

McNeil – I think we are each planning to go to the place that is best for us individually. If we wind up at the same place then that will be great but we are not basing our decision on that.


IC – I know you were concerned in the past that UNC did not have a strictly engineering major for electrical or computer engineering but had related majors like computer science. Have you resolved that in your mind with respect to considering UNC?

McNeil – I just decided that I am really not sure what I want to major in at this point and it is probably not right to decide on a school that offers a major that I may not be interested in anyway.


IC – Which schools is JP considering?

McNeil – I think UNC, Auburn, and Clemson.


IC – When do you plan to decide?

McNeil – Probably on signing day.

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