FBall Recruiting: Obi Obuiglo and AJ Davis

Inside Carolina spoke with Virginia LB recruit Obi Obuiglo and recent UNC commit CB AJ Davis.

Obi Obuiglo


Inside Carolina – Nice talking to you Obi. Can you tell us who your favorites are as we near signing day?

Obi Obuiglo – I down to Mich, UNC, and MD.


IC – Why those three schools?

Obuiglo – My parents are want be to go to a good business school to eventually get my MBA or equivalent if I choose another related field. Both UNC and Mich have really high-ranked business schools. MD is only ten minutes from my house so that is why they are still involved.


IC – What else do you like about all three schools?

Obuiglo – All the campuses are really nice and I like the coaching staffs at all three schools. It's going to be a tough decision for me.


IC – What position are you being recruited for?

Obuiglo – Inside Linebacker.


IC – When do you think that you might decide?

Obuiglo – Call me back tomorrow night and I may have an answer for you by then.



A J Davis


Inside Carolina – A J, we haven't spoken to you since you committed to North Carolina. Congratulations on your decision.

A J Davis – Thank you.


IC – It's been a couple of days since your commitment. Still committed to UNC?

Davis – Yes, I plan on signing for Carolina on signing day unless something happens.


IC – Where will the signing take place?

Davis – Pretty much leaving that up to my HS coach to work out.


IC – Did you get a chance to watch the Super Bowl?

Davis – I watched a little over at my girlfriend's house.


IC – Who were you pulling for?

Davis – I was kind of hoping the Rams would win.


IC – Do you like the way Dre Bly plays?

Davis – I was watching him. I thought he played really well.


IC – What do you plan to major in at Carolina?

Davis – Business. They are the #3 rated business school in the country right?


IC – Sounds like you know all about Carolina already. Thanks for talking with us AJ and good luck on Monday.

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