UNC-FSU: Leonard Hamilton Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The FSU head coach addressed the media following the game…

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Opening Statement:
"We knew going into the game that we could not have any periods during the game that we could allow ourselves to not manage the game properly. I thought there was a stretch there in the second half where the game got into a pace that was more conducive to North Carolina than Florida State. We had about three or four bad possessions and they made us pay for these possessions and we dug a hole that was too deep for us to get out of. They're a good enough team that they don't need any help. I think we just had a period where we just didn't manage the game to our liking. We just got a little out of control for maybe three, four or even five possessions."

On the first half team improvement:
"It was obvious that the youngsters committed themselves to execute, move the ball and do the things we've been teaching tem all year. Unfortunately, it's taken this long for them to have a clear understanding of how we need to play with confidence. That's a learning process that has taken a little longer than we had expected. I do feel that I like this team. I like the potential of the nucleus and I think we just need to add some pieces and we'll continue to improve.

"The biggest thing that we have to improve is mentally and emotionally. We've had more issues in dealing with growing up and maturing than any team that I've every head. They're good kids, but they are youngsters that are stilly trying to figure out how we play as a team in order for us to compete on the level with ACC caliber teams. We're learning, but we've taken baby steps. We've lost so many close games that it's extremely painful when you look back at the season. I do believe that we've grown and that we'll be better team as a result of having played a season like this."

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