Friday Press Conference Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams and junior Sean May addressed the media from the Smith Center on Friday…

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC head coach addressed the media from the Smith Center on Friday…
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On if he can grasp the extremes the senior class has gone through:
"No. It's hard for me to even imagine and I think that's the reason I'm so pleased with what's happened so far. I think that to go through 8-20, change coaches and all the turmoil, and to turn around and be able to do this, I'm extremely proud of them. They've been extremely focused all year. It's hard to imagine because they took more junk than any team that's ever played at North Carolina. I don't know if North Carolina has ever gone 8-20, so those kids have hung around and done some really good things."

On if he imagined being in position to win the ACC title 2 years after taking the job:
"I've never really looked down one season to try to determine where we could be, so I know I didn't look two seasons in advance. Last year was the most difficult year I've ever had in coaching and I've said that, I've said that to my team, they know that. So, there were a lot of things that we had to get cleared up, get everybody's motives and goals heading in the same direction and having the same goals. To think of that point and where we are at right now, I never had those thoughts. I just couldn't do that. Again, when you sit back and think about what some of those kids have really put up with, it's really amazing and I'm really really pleased for them. Marvin and Quentin just think everything's hunky dory. They don't realize what else went on here."

On when the team embraced the team concept:
"I think they embraced it last year. You can embrace it, but just not be as good at it as you need to be. I thought the kids last year bought into the stuff. I think Jackie; some of his comments after the Arizona game were not understood properly. He said something about buying into it today; he had bought into it months before, and I think the other kids did too, but it's just not buying into it. It's not just saying `yea, that's the right way', you've got to be good at it. The only way you can be good at a style of play or good at a defensive philosophy or good at sharing the ball so much on offense is you've got to work at it. I don't want anybody to think that these were bad kids that were so resistant last year, it's just that we had some bad habits to overcome before we could get to the point where they did start understanding things better and doing a better job of it. I think that's a continual process; we're still not where we want to be. I was very upset last night at a lot of things that went on, but I think the kids want to do the right thing. I want to shoot 69 every time I go out on the golf course, but there's something called ability that gets in the way, or lack of. I think that's the same way with them. They wanted to do the right thing since the first day I got here, but you have to practice and practice and practice and build habits. That's what we've started to get to."

On if he is proud of how his team has played without McCants:
"Yes, I really am. Somebody said that Rashad went through a shooting workout the other day. He sat there in street clothes, we're talking and guys are stretching, and he shot six shots or something like that. Woody had to ask me about that if he went through shooting practice. When we have a shooting practice, at the end of it, everybody is sweating. He sweated about as much as Humpty Dumbty out there. It's amazing how these words get out. He has not had a shooting workout. He has not had a rebounding workout or a ball handling workout. The biggest workout was he thought he was late at pre-game yesterday and he ran from outside the Alumni Center to the inside and I thought we were going to have to get him some oxygen. He has not worked out. We have to wait until the doctors say he can do it, and until he says he can do it. I promise you, I promise as soon as they tell me that I'll tell you guys. I might even hire an airplane to fly around the Smith Center, Rashad is going to practice today."

SEAN MAY (3:28)

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