UNC-Duke: Mike Krzyzewski & Player Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Blue Devils' head coach, Shelden Williams, Shavlik Randolph and Lee Melchionni addressed the media following the game...


Opening Statement:
"Well it's a great game, just a very intense basketball game just like the one in Cameron. Just like the one in Cameron, it came down to the last possession and they were better than we were in the last possession. We're going to make some mistakes. We made a couple of them at the end, but overall, we didn't make a lot of mistakes to put us in a position where we're winning. I thought our guys did well. [Sean] May was fantastic. If you get 24 rebounds in this day and age, it's remarkable. That's just a magnificent individual performance. I thought both teams played hard and well. Our defense in the second half was terrific and some of our offensive execution, but they made some big plays down the stretch and we didn't and they won and they deserved it because they did that. Well, I'm proud of our guys. We have to close the chapter to this book, the regular season, and our guys were at every ball game. I'm proud of them, and hopefully we can get even a little bit healthier and do well in the next two tournaments."

On what the Heels did against [J.J.] Redick in the 2nd half:
"They just kept constant pressure. I thought J.J. missed some open-he's human. He had open looks, but you also know that they're going to keep fighting. So you're just going to get it for that fraction. He just missed some shots and then they played really good defense. It's that combination."

On the play of Shelden Williams:
"Well, you have maybe two of the best big guys in the country playing great basketball. In this day and age where everyone focuses on guards and outside shooting and things like that, they were both terrific in their own way. Shelden's defense, when he's playing like that, makes us an outstanding defensive team."

On the number of deflections he thinks his team got in the second half:
"I just wish we had one that went to a turnover in the last three minutes. Both teams played really hard. It was an effort between these two programs and this game and obviously, we're disappointed, but we lost to a great program and classy group of kids and classy coach. We had two great games this year, the two of us. Two of the best in college basketball with Duke and North Carolina."

On what he had set up in his final possession:
"Well we had (J.J.) off of a couple of screens and we got a good look. It was in and out. So, that was a good thing, and then we got another one. We were going to win the game, and went with our best player to win it. We'll do that again if we ever have a chance to be in a situation like that."


On Sean May:
"He did a real good job shooting ball and following his shots and also following other people's shots. Also, he knew that when guys were coming to the lane he had to help out and try and block a shot. He was one of the key factor's in the game and it worked well for them."

On the nine-point lead late in the second half:
"We played hard and pushed hard for the majority of the second half. All of a sudden we got a little cushion and laid off some and had a few turnovers. Carolina was able to convert on those and got the momentum to turn things around and come back and win the game."

On Duke's defense:
"That's one of the things we're known for, our defense. We know that if we play good on defense then we have a good chance of staying in a game. One of the things we like to do is stress defense especially with a team like Carolina that likes to run up and down. We held them to 70-something points and a lot of times they score over a hundred. Unfortunately we let up a little bit in the last four minutes and they came back and won."


On Daniel Ewing's last shot:
"I think it was a pressured shot. He got ran into and turned around and looked and put up the shot. Unfortunately it didn't go down."

On his improved second half performance:
"I think in the first half I was a little upset at myself. I was really fighting. I got angry at myself and just decided to come out in the second half and just have fun and go out there and really compete and I was able to do that."

On J.J. Redick's assists:
"I think he draws a lot of attention and I can play off him. We can definitely make teams pay when he draws attention and then kicks it out to me."

On losing after a nine-point lead late in the game:
"You've got to have the mentality to bear down. We shot one free throw in the last three minutes with a nine-point lead and that's unacceptable. You can't do that and win a game. We've got to take care of the ball and force them to foul us and we didn't do that."

On Sean May's performance:
"He's an unbelievably quick jumper for such a big guy. We didn't keep him off the boards. He grabbed 24 boards. He's a heck of a player. That's all you can say."


On his fifth foul:
"I was trying to play help-side defense and I had my arms spread. I guess I was grabbing Jawad Williams or touching him too hard trying to keep him and the ball in my peripheral vision."

On the last three minutes:
"The thought with us was, ‘let's try and extend this and get it into double digits.' We thought that's what we were going to do and they put a lot of pressure on us. We had a little bit of trouble. You've got to give them credit because they really came out hard the last three minutes and were able to whittle down that nine-point deficit. They came back and Marvin Williams had a huge play at the end to put them up and I feel like we got a good look from J.J. at the end but it just didn't go in."

On the lingering thought of this loss:
"I think it'll linger a little bit. Obviously we would have like to come out here and win. But, with the exception of the last few minutes we were happy with the way we played. We just can't have let-ups like that in the final moments of the game."

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