Monday Press Conference Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams addressed the media from the Smith Center on Monday…

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On Sean May --

"Sean's performance yesterday was about as good as I've ever seen ... The biggest thing is that Shelden Williams is really good and to do that against that kind of team is extremely impressive. ...

"His attitude is 'Hey, I'm going to go after every rebound and if Marvin is going to go after it or Jawad is going after it, that's fine, but I'm going to go after every rebound.' I can count on one hand the number of times this year that I've had to say "Sean, get to the board." Whereas I have had to do that with other guys."

Thoughts once the Duke game ended -

"It was amazing for me personally after I shook hands with Mike and the Duke players, I turned around -- and the floor was getting pretty crowded by then -- and as soon as I turned around and started back to the bench, I said, 'Gosh, I am really tired.' Emotionally. I had told the kids that there were six games left in the season to control our own destiny and become conference champions. Each step was emotional that we took.

"It was more of a feeling of 'I'm flat worn out' and I think our players feel the same way so today we're just lifting and tomorrow not doing anything and hopefully trying to get them recharged."

On Rashad McCants --

"We're going to try and see if he can shoot around and break a sweat today and tomorrow and then look at it. ... I do believe that as long as Rashad is out, when he gets to the point that he can practice, I think he needs several days -- I don't know what number to put on several -- but he's just been out a long time. ...

"What we're going to do is allow him to put on shoes and shorts and go out and shoot some and see how he feels after a couple days of that. He has not been released to practice. If we practiced today he would not practice and if we practiced tomorrow he would not practice. ...

"If he shoots some today and tomorrow and the doctors say he can practice on Wednesday, then the other part is will he be successful enough that he can help us. Is that likely? I'd say no. Is it possible? I'd say yes. We're talking two and a half weeks where he hasn't done anything. I'd like to give you a better answer and maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I can. ... It's still just up in the air and I'm not counting on it ...

"The chemistry is always a little hurt when you lose a guy and always a little hurt when you get him back. You just have to depend on the kids to be able to handle it. ... I don't know that the team got better without him -- we asked some kids to step up and they did. Yesterday we needed someone to make an outside shot and Rashad usually does that. We had one three and it was Reyshawn off the bench. It helped because it made those guys understand 'You've got to step up and play' but I don't believe it helped our team in the long run or hurt our team if he comes back."

On the team's chances of winning the NCAA Tournament --

"Are we good enough to be there? Yeah, but it's so whacko. It's one game and you're gone. ... I never go past this thought -- are we one of those teams that have a chance? We are."

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