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WASHINGTON, D.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams and Sean May addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 78-75 ACC Tournament semifinal loss to Georgia Tech at the MCI Center on Saturday…

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"Yesterday I said we felt very fortunate, today we don't feel very good. We dug ourselves into a big hole and at the end we were hoping a shot would get us into overtime. We had some opportunities that we didn't capitalize on, but you have to congratulate Georgia Tech. They had a great deal to do with our poor play in the second half. They made more shots and made more big plays than we did. Their work on the backboards was huge. When we played at our place, we outrebounded them something like 52-33 and it was a huge game for us. Today they outrebound us 47-40 and scored 25 points on second-chance shots. It seemed like they missed their first shots about four possessions in a row, got their rebound and put it back in. It was a disappointing day for us and to be honest I am disappointed with how we played yesterday and today. We're going to go back to Chapel Hill and get back out on the practice court and see if we can get better. We need to create more cohesiveness on both ends of the floor."

On the last shot
"We didn't have a timeout and we would have liked to have had a timeout in that situation. Something little that I told Jawad (Williams) earlier when he called the timeout when he dribbles it once and picks it up - that's not something you do when your in fifth grade. That's not getting on Jawad, it's just not something North Carolina should ever have to do. We shouldn't have to resort to that. We wished we would have had a timeout, but the guys knew what they needed to do, we executed, got a good shot by a guy who had just made one right before that, which was a big play for us, and it just came up short."

On Will Bynum
"He is a young man who has some big time scoring potential and has had some big time games. I think one thing that hurt us, and not to take anything away from Will, but Jackie (Manuel) was not Jackie today. He didn't feel as well, sprained his ankle a little bit earlier in the game and was never able to get in the flow. Will got hot and made some shots. He did a great job of getting to the basket and breaking our defense down. That dribble penetration also breaks down your box outs and a lot of that is the reason they were able to get so many offensive rebounds put in. Ten-for-21 for 35 points in 35 minutes - that's a heck of a night for the youngster. You've got to get to him and we didn't get to him enough. He's a difficult player to guard because he can shoot the three and is also so quick that he can put it on the floor and hurt you there."

"We had a chance to do some things at the end and I'm really pleased with our toughness, because that's really the only reason we had a chance. Don't anybody start to think that we were doing great when Rashad (McCants) was out there because that's not fair to Rashad. And to be truthful, we didn't play that well against Florida State. Remember Florida State shot 60% in the first half and we came back and played well in the second half. Also against Duke that was two teams that fought hard, but didn't really play that well and I think Mike (Krzyzewski) would agree. This youngster sitting beside me (May) was an unbelievable man that day. Before you start writing about how Rashad disturbed our chemistry when he came back because we weren't exactly setting the world on fire those last two games."


"It was a disappointing loss. We didn't play well and we didn't do the things that we've always done up to this point. Even yesterday we didn't play. We need to go back and regroup. Georgia Tech is a great team and they deserved it because they played better."

On what went wrong this weekend
"I think we got fat and happy. We won the conference regular season and coming up here when Clemson beat Maryland that was a sigh of relief for us that we didn't have to play Maryland in their backyard. Clemson came out and just shocked us. The coaches had us prepared to play today, it was the players who just didn't get the job done. The good thing is we have a couple days to go back, regroup and try to get this thing rolling again."


"We did this to ourselves. We went out there and gave our best effort and they played a great game. We didn't do the little things and it cost us."


"We can't continue to just be a second half team. We can't play bad in the first half and have to come back all the time."

On his final three-point attempt
"I had a great look. It was just short. Good thing is we get to see another day. We didn't play real well while we were up here so we're going to go back to the drawing board and figure some things out."

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