UNC-WF Locker Room Report

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The North Carolina Tar Heels were a disappointed bunch after suffering their third consecutive loss in a 90-66 waxing at the hands of Wake Forest before a crazed full house at Lawrence Joel Coliseum.

Here is what some of the Tar Heels had to say about their 14th loss in 20 games and eighth in 10 Atlantic Coast Conference contests.

Kris Lang

On how it seems that at some point every game things go badly and how it affects the team.

"It's very frustrating. It's repetitive and that's what makes it most frustrating. If it was a new mistake every time it would be understandable but it is the same stuff over and over. It's a matter of our players believing in themselves and with the teammates being in the place they are supposed to be."

On what is more frustrating, lack of communication on defense or offensive problems.

"I can't complain about the offense. It's mainly just the lapses we have on defense and you can't pinpoint one thing – a lapse on defense is a lapse on defense, plain and simple. Because a lapse on defense leads to fast break points or they just get an extra possession. And that is something that is just draining. It's a momentum builder for them especially in their own place."

On what the main problem is on defense.

"That's a good question. If I knew the answer … I … (pause)"

Some feel it is a lack of communication, which leads to lapses.

"It comes with trust I guess. It comes with trust, plain and simple. From another perspective sometimes, it's good to get it from another person's point of view. It's a matter of trust though."

Adam Boone

On UNC's ballhandling troubles.

"It's different with every game. For the most part they haven't been the same type of turnovers against the same type of defenses so it's hard to say why we are turning the ball over so much."

On if the struggles really are compounded when the other team begins to pull away some.

"I think we definitely had some trouble executing when they started to pull away. Part of that was their defense but I think a lot of that was our inability to get into our sets and execute. We just have to do better at it."

On the defense allowing a lot of easy baskets the last few weeks.

"Our defense is definitely struggling and it's something we need to improve on. It's just disappointing to have the def4ensive performance we had out there tonight."

On what Doherty told the team after the game.

"He said a lot of things. The main thing I think most everybody will take away from it is that we just have to get ready for Sunday (against Maryland). We can't feel bad for ourselves. We have an opportunity to still do some things this year if we get on the right page and play well for 40 minutes and that's the outlook we need to have."

Will Johnson

On if is it possible that the team is getting used to losing

"I'm not getting used to it. Nope. Not from my standpoint."

On if when things start going badly, it is like ‘here we go again.'

"No. At the beginning of each game I feel like we can win the game. The same mistakes can't keep repeating themselves."

On how it appears that it takes a monumental effort to get the ball up the court.

"Yeah, that's what it looks like. It's something we just gotta keep working on. We turned it over a lot again tonight. It can't happen against a team like that or any team but we just gotta keep working on it."

On UNC's stretch with five turnovers and no points over five minutes early in the game.

"It's hard to score if you don't get a shot off. It's everybody, it's more than just the guard play guard play. Everybody just needs to execute better. It doesn't fall on one or two people. But at the same time everybody needs to be accountable for what they do out there."

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