UNC-OU: North Carolina Post-Game Quotes + Audio

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams, Sean May and Raymond Felton addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 96-68 win over Oakland on Friday from the Charlotte Coliseum…

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Roy Williams: "In the first half I thought we were sensational sharing the basketball – 19 assists out of 22 baskets. I thought we were active defensively. They shot 45 percent and didn't turn it over as much, but I thought we were active. We made a bunch of shots, and there was a willingness to share the ball. I thought we were extremely focused and sharper. We were extremely disappointed with the way we played in the ACC Tournament, and the kids wanted to get that bad taste out of their mouth. It was good for us to get Jawad [Williams] and Jackie [Manuel] fewer minutes. We tried not to play them very much in the second half. I still feel great that we're one of 32 teams still playing."

On Rashad's return:
Felton: "We're back to normal now. Rashad is more comfortable running with us up and down the court. We're just here ready to play."

Was this a statement game:
May: "We felt like we had to come out and redeem ourselves. We knew Oakland was on a winning streak and we know it's going to be tough from here on out. Everybody is here for a reason, so we knew we had to get back to the way we used to play. That's what practice this week was all about."

On the team's assists:
Felton: "That's just our style of basketball – pushing the ball up court and looking for open guys."

On pulling the starters early in the second half:
May: "We just can't lose focus of our objective. Coming out in the second half, Coach just said we want to get better. That first two or three minutes, we didn't get better. We were just kind of going through the motion, so he took us out. That second group came in and gave us a spark."

On Marvin Williams' contribution:
May: "I call him a rookie, but he's not a rookie anymore. He's playing well right now. We need a spark off the bench, and he brings that emotion to the game. We talked earlier in the week about how we need to get that fire back. We had that fire the whole season, but we didn't have it in D.C. We were kind of just lollygagging around, so we brought that fire and passion back, and he gave us a spark."

Williams: "He's really a fantastic basketball player right now, but he can be a heck of a lot better. Eventually he's going to play out on the floor more as a ‘three-man,' because I think that's where he's going to make a living, at whichever time he chooses to do that. So I think that part of it, he can really get a lot better. Sean used the word emotion, but I say he brings energy. We knew we were worried about what Jawad could do, but at the same time, Jawad was 4-for-6 and had nine points at the half, but I didn't want to keep him in there too much. When we make a substitution, in some ways our team gets better. David Noel, Marvin and Melvin [Scott] give us a huge lift. Marvin can shoot the ball with range, he can put the ball on the floor, he's athletic, he's young and he can defend. But he'll tell you he can get a lot better. "

How important to rest Jawad and Jackie:
Williams: "It is a marathon, but you have to win the first part of the race to continue going. I think it was the first time Raymond didn't play the most minutes in the first half. I was trying to keep the minutes down. I didn't realize Sean played 29 minutes. Raymond playing 24 minutes may be the fewest he's played in a long time. I was fighting a little battle – I wanted us to stay sharp, but keep the minutes down."

About Iowa State:
Williams: "I don't have as much familiarity as I did. They changed coaches. A couple of guys were there playing when I was there, but they had a tremendous changeover in players since I was there. I don't know as much as I would like to, to say the least."

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