UNC-OU: Oakland Post-Game Quotes + Audio

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Oakland head coach Greg Kampe, Rawle Marshall and Cortney Scott addressed the media following the game…

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Kampe: "That was an unbelievable first half. I said the other day I'm really happy to be here, but I wasn't too happy to be involved in that first half. They scored 59 points on 32 possessions. We wanted to cut their normal possessions from 40 down to 35. A couple of turnovers we made early got the game going too fast. I have to give them credit; they're an outstanding basketball team. We knew that, but we had to see it firsthand. I give them tremendous credit."

Are you happy with the way you played?
Scott: "I'm definitely not happy about the way we lost, but we were playing against the No. 1 team in the nation – No. 2 overall. My teammates played their hearts out and that's all I could ask."

Marshall: "I have to give a lot credit to North Carolina; they played outstanding. I'm definitely not happy with the way we played, but I have to tip my hat off to them. Like Coach said, they couldn't miss a shot in that first half. We tried to battle back in the second half, but they're just an outstanding team."

How tough was the environment?
Scott: "We've played in hostile environments like that before, so I just tried to zone it out. I was glad to see we had some fans here. During warm-ups you can hear it."

Comparing Illinois and UNC:
Kampe: "I figured I would get asked that question so I thought about it. They're two really different teams. I thought Illinois was the best team we played when we played them in all the years, and we've played some great teams. But the basketball I saw tonight, I mean that was a clinic. That was as good as it gets. Can Carolina have that good of a game against Illinois? I don't know if they can; Illinois can put up a better defense than we did. I think it's two great basketball teams. I think Illinois is a little bit better defensively, but that could just be because [UNC's] defense is designed to make you play fast, so you can break through and find the open guys if you can find them. So to say [Illinois'] is a better defense if probably not fair, because the design of Carolina's defense is they'll let you score a couple of points to keep the game at their tempo."

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