Heels: 'No Mercy'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – UNC head coach Roy Williams and players' Sean May, Rashad McCants, Raymond Felton and Marvin Williams; as well as Iowa State coach Wayne Morgan, senior center Jared Homan and sophomore guard Curtis Stinson addressed the media on Saturday from the Charlotte Coliseum…

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On Jared Homan:
May: "We watched the film last night. He's a tough challenge. He's a skilled big man. For me and this team, it's a huge task ahead of us to play him and Iowa State."

On how this year's second round is different from last year's:
May: "Last year's mindset is that we were just extremely happy to be there. This year, we are approaching the game in a much more business-like fashion. We know we deserve to be here, and hopefully we will live to play another day."

On pulling for the underdogs in this tournament:
May: "We aren't pulling for any good teams out there. We want to make it as easy on ourselves as possible…"

McCants: "…And I'm sure no one is pulling for us."

On giving life to an underdog:
McCants: "Once you give a team life when they're dead, it's hard to kill them. You have to put your foot on their throat. Our main objective if we're a more talented team is you can't give them life and a chance to come back."

On Iowa State's defense:
McCants: "Their traps are probably the most difficult we've seen all year. We'll be playing our style of tempo, and you've got Raymond Felton coming up the floor 100 percent. With his poise and confidence, it's going to be hard to stop him."


On the mindset of the team after a big performance:
"Just because we won a game doesn't mean anything. We're still going to play with a chip on our shoulders."

On Iowa State's pressure defense:
"If they pressure us, we're just going to go right past them."

On the high stakes of tomorrow's game:
"If you lose, you are out. That's just it. It's simple."


On Coach Williams' recruiting:
"Coach didn't promise me anything. That's what I liked about him. I wanted to go somewhere where we had a chance to win. North Carolina is a big-time winning school. There's a lot of tradition here."


On "Black Sunday" – 1979, when North Carolina lost its first round game against Penn:
"I remember we lost, and I remember how sick I felt. Woah…we had what I felt was a really great year and then boom. I remember how sudden and how swiftly the season was over with."

On Coach K's record for most tournament wins:
"As young as Mike is, I think he'll put that record out where no one else can reach it."

On winning the national championship:
"A lot of my buddies in coaching tell me I'm my own worst enemy, and if I wouldn't talk about it so much, and I think there is some truth to that, there's no question about that. I've had 17 years as a head coach, and we've won a lot of games. If you tell me that my next 17 years I'm going to win a lot of games and I'm going to have the same relationship with my players that I've had, then I'm going to feel like I'm a very lucky person. Can I go on and retire and feel fulfilled without a national championship? I think I can."

On his team's "embarrassment" after the ACC Tournament:
"I didn't care if they were embarrassed; I hoped they were more ticked off. I think that's a better motivating factor."


Opening Statement:
"We're looking forward to the challenge of playing North Carolina. I have great respect for Roy Williams and his program. He's a great coach and we're looking forward to the game tomorrow."

On Iowa State's zone defense:
"We have three things: We're aggressive, quick and athletic; which are three things that help. Those things help us a lot and put the opposing teams in uncomfortable positions."

Comparing his first coaching job at Long Beach State and now at Iowa State:
"It's a totally different world, but at the same time has helped prepare me for the coach I am today. At Iowa State, we have 14,000 people that are excited about coming to the games; while at Long Beach there were a million other things going on instead of just the game."

On Raymond Felton:
"Felton is a great point guard. He's a unique player because he's quick and can shoot the basketball very well. He's spectacular."

On having butterflies:
"I'm hopeful yesterday's game took the butterflies out of us. It's like a heavyweight fight, once you take a couple of punches, you're ready to go. I'm hoping our guys are ready to play."

On the quick turnaround:
"In conference games sometimes you have to be ready and prepared for the quick turnaround. We had a small tournament at our place that helped prepare us as well. We have played against teams that do similar things and have similar styles, which have helped us prepare for North Carolina."

On Dean Smith's and Coach Krzyzewski's record:
"To have your name in the same sentence as Dean Smith and Mike Krzyzewski means you've done great things. Unfortunately I started coaching at such a late age, I'd have to be close to 90 before I could accomplish those things. They are Hall of Fame guys and coaches."

On North Carolina:
"They have a lot of great players, but May and Felton really stand out."


On playing against North Carolina's post players:
"It's definitely a challenge, but most of the teams in the Big 12 were bigger and deeper. Those guys at North Carolina are pros and we're up to the challenge."

On growing up on a farm:
"Growing up on a farm has definitely made me who I am today. Getting up early and working hard has really taught me a lot."

On being the underdog:
"Coming in as the underdog definitely takes the pressure off you and helps prepare you to win."

On Coach Roy Williams:
"He's a very good coach that has proven he can win at Kansas and North Carolina. What he does at North Carolina is very similar to what he did at Kansas."

On Oklahoma game turning the season around:
"We were willing to win and had the refusal to lose, which has carried into the remaining season."

On his future plans:
"I'd like to keep playing basketball somewhere. If it's not the NBA, I'd like to play overseas. I don't have anything to lose in this game. They are the big stars. If I have a good game, it certainly helps my chances with the NBA."


On Iowa State's running game:
"I think our running game is one of the best in the country. I think we can run with anybody."

On being a "city boy:"
"City boys think aggressive, play with a lot of heart and nothing scares us."

On Iowa State's defense:
"Our defense is made for this type of opponent. We may make a couple of adjustments, but we won't change much."

On defending Felton:
"We'll try and slow him down by keeping the basketball out of his hands."

Feeling on tomorrow's game:
"I have a strong feeling that tomorrow's game might come down to the wire and be a nail-biter, because we're going to come out ready to play."

On seeing some of the tournament upsets:
"It gives all underdogs confidence. There are a lot of upsets and that is what this time is all about."

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