Q&A with Jesse Holley

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Inside Carolina recently caught up with two-sport standout Jesse Holley about recent comings and goings on the gridiron and the hardwood.

How has it been for you juggling two sports this time of year?

"It's tough on my body, and then, mentally, having to learn both offenses, keeping them separate and not confusing the two. I don't want to run a post route when I'm supposed to run a screen for somebody in Coach Williams' offense. Then going from the hardwood to the grass, from sneakers to cleats, from having a pound of clothes with a jersey to 17-pounds with the shoulder pads. But it's what I wanted to do, so you won't hear me fuss.

How is your timing with the new quarterbacks?

"That's coming slowly--real slowly but surely. I'm working myself by in there, not trying to kill myself too much with juggling both basketball and football. They are trying to get an edge and work things out, and I'm trying to get [some reps] with each one of the quarterbacks. I get a little frustrated at time, just being a person that wants the ball every play.

"But it's like I've always said, 'Wide receiver is the most selfish position in the game of football.' We think we are open on every play. Even when we are double-covered, we think we are open. So it's a process that is going to take some time, and that is what spring ball is for. We still have all summer to get out there and work with those guys."

I saw that you were able to get into the basketball game against Iowa State and score. Was coach Williams mad at you for dunking at the end of the game?

"No, no he was not. He was not in the least mad about the dunk. We were on the fast break during the course of the game. It wasn't like he told us not to score and I did something stupid and went and dunked. It was a part of the game. It happened that way. He was not upset."

Billy Packer made the claim that Coach Williams was mad at you for dunking the ball.

We watched that version of the game on the way home and when Billy Packer said it--we really don't like Billy Packer because one minute he's on us, one minute he's against us; he doesn't know what he wants to do--[Coach Williams] looked back at me and was like (displaying look of consternation), so he was not upset. If he was, he would have let me know. He would have pulled me out and done something to where everyone would know he was upset. He was not upset."

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