Sunday McDonald's Game Practice Report

Inside Carolina's Eric Bossi files an exclusive, behind-the-scenes report from Sunday's practice for the McDonald's All-American Game in South Bend, Ind.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Basketball is a team game and that isn't ever going to change, but for high school players the holy grail is being named to the McDonald's All-American game. The 2005 version of the prestigious event features three future North Carolina Tar Heels and while their future teammates were outlasting Wisconsin en route to the Final Four, Bobby Frasor, Danny Green and Tyler Hansbrough were being put through the paces in South Bend.

In reality, Sunday's first practice was more of a get together and feeling out session. However, there was enough action to make at least a few observations during Sunday's practice session.


Bobby Frasor- At this point, young Mr. Frasor has to be a very tired individual. In the last week and a half he's played in a state tournament, competed in the Roundball Classic and moved on to the McDonald's game. Not surprisingly the activity seems to have taken a bit of a toll on Frasor's legs as he looked a bit sluggish during Sunday's workout.

Playing primarily on the wing, Frasor spent much of his afternoon matching up with players like Micah Downs and C.J. Miles and as he usually does he scrapped and clawed his way for everything he got. On offense he outsmarts his opponents and makes subtle plays to free himself or others for open opportunities. Defensively he struggled at time and this will be a battle that he fights for his entire career. He doesn't lack for quickness on the high school level, but on the next level he becomes a little more average and will have to focus even more on defensive footwork.

"I think it is just another example of Frasor being a much better player in a more structured environment," said's Rob Harrington. "He's simply not the great athlete who will shine in an all-star setting. Fortunately for him in college he'll be able to do what he does best which is utilize spacing and take advantage of screens."

Danny Green - The more he plays in an all-star setting, the more Green proves that his selection to the McDonald's All-American game had absolutely nothing to do with the school he chose. It's a shame that it even has to be brought up, but he's done a more than adequate job of shutting up those who foolishly claimed that he was only selected because of where he's from and where he's going to school.

Unfortunately for Green, he and his East teammates didn't get to run quite as much as their counterparts from the West so he had to make the most of limited opportunities. The kid plays an old school game that is grounded in solid fundamentals, hard work and all-out effort on each possession. That said, he isn't just an extra from "Hoosiers," and showed the ability to hang with electrifying athletes and do his own damage as well. Whether he's getting after it in drills or scrimmages, he's establishing himself as a top 25 talent in the class of 2005.

"Danny Green, his shooting is in some ways a very stark contrast to Bobby Frasor because where Frasor is better on the move, Green is more dangerous with his feet set," said Harrington. "There's no one thing about him that you would point to and say that's what makes him a McDonald's All-American. That said, when you judge his overall effectiveness against his peers, there's little question that he deserves to be in this game."

Tyler Hansbrough - If you really want to know how Hansbrough gets after it, all you have to do is listen to those he's just finished practicing with talk about him. Whenever the subject turns to the 6-9 power forward, all anybody does is talk about how he tries to dunk on everybody in his path and how much physicality and intensity he brings to what are usually fairly reserved workouts from a bumps and bruises standpoint.

There isn't any official stat to back it up, but you never see an inside guy work hard enough on the blocks to get to the line 10-plus times against his own team in a controlled workout. Don't mistake his intensity for lack of skill though because he's very clever with pump fakes and has above average footwork. About the only complaint you can have is that he always has to gather and go off of two feet -- versus being able to explode off of either foot -- but it does ensure that he always goes up strong.

"Having covered him for several years, there hasn't been any confusion about the high caliber kid that Hansbrough is," said Harrington. "Even having said that, based strictly on his ruthless style of play, I wouldn't want him standing behind me at an ATM machine unless I had a little backup and the cameras were rolling and that is 100 percent a compliment."


* It is really hard to describe the range of emotions that ultra-athletic and talented wing Gerald Green can put an observer through on a daily or nightly basis. His effortless range from deep and jaw-dropping athleticism around the basket can titillate the senses while his apparent lack of interest at other times can drive you insane.

* Actually, describing Green is a nice segue way into a discussion regarding C.J. Miles. When he's on, the smooth 6-5 wing plays like a young left handed Ray Allen – certainly a good thing. On the other hand, you can't ever tell when he is playing hard and when he isn't which makes him extremely difficult to evaluate. There has been some word that he'd test any possible straight to the league thoughts at McDonald's and a few weeks from now at the Jordan game, but if that is the case he'll have to show a little more passion.

* Josh McRoberts looked pretty good in drills and doesn't lack for athleticism, but it was hard to gather very much from his Sunday practice. His East squad spent a lot of time standing around while their coach gave directions and never got as much of a chance to get out and run as they might have liked. Ditto for McRoberts' future teammates Greg Paulus and Eric Boateng

* There is never any way to tell for sure who is auditioning for the NBA, but it sure looked like Martell Webster and Amir Johnson of the West were cognizant of the Association's presence at Sunday's workout. Johnson really worked hard to display his ability around the basket but most of his game relies on athleticism and he's got to improve his fundamentals. Want an example? Look no further than his undressing courtesy of a Hansbrough pump fake and blow by on a drive to the hole. As for Webster, if you had to pick an old Disney movie to describe him on Sunday it would be "Black Hole."

* He was quiet on Sunday, but odds are Louis Williams is going to turn up the volume and look to blow out some nets by week's end.

* Future Kansas Jayhawk Julian Wright has a lot of energy and a nice inside-outside game. If you are looking for a comparison, think Stacey Augmon….

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