Tuesday Press Conference Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams, Sean May and Raymond Felton addressed the media from the Smith Center on Tuesday...

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On the pressure of going into the Final Four
"The same amount of pressure is on everybody. Somebody is going to win two games. Who is it going to be? I don't feel any pressure more than Bruce Weber probably feels and I don't necessarily feel that Bruce feels that much more pressure than we do."

On Sean May's development
"His growth has been an "un-growth," because he has taken certain parts of his body and moved them around to different parts. I think the physical makeup of his body right now is a direct relation to how hard he worked in the off-season. He's a little lighter, his percentage of body fat is lower, and that's helped his stamina and his bounce. He's able to jump higher and jump quicker. He's made plays this year that I don't think he ever would have made last year. That physical work has made him a much better basketball player in every area."

On what you took from the Villanova and Wisconsin games
"Our toughness was the most impressive part. Things weren't going as well as we wanted them to go several times during those two games. It wasn't that pretty – run up and down the court, slam dunk high five; the "How do I look, mom" kind of thing. Both were grind it out affairs and you have to be able to do that. You have to be able to step up and make plays when the game is on the line. I think our kids did that in both games."

On injury updates
"Raymond rolled his ankle in the practice between games. I was worried about it before the (Wisconsin) game. It's one of the reasons I took him out a little earlier before the half that I normally would when a player has two fouls.

"Jawad; it was his knee then it was his hip flexor, so he's had a combination of things that have been bothering him for a couple of weeks. I did tell him that you've got to get your legs underneath you, get a little more bounce, get the ball up in the air, because one of the threes he shot was as flat as it could be."

On returning to the Final Four
"It's what we play for and it's what we coach for. It's what we work for, it's why you make all those recruiting trips, all those calls, all those letters. It's the reason you get mad and scream, and rant and rave at halftime. It's the reason you stay out and run extra sprints. It's the reason you do two-a-days during the semester break and Christmas time. The fact that it's at North Carolina, everybody's trying to make that an extra deal. But how much better can you feel when you feel great?"

SEAN MAY (11:14)

On Michigan State's Paul Davis
"Paul's about as good as they get. I played against him in McDonald's games, I've been watching him every year, ever since I've been here. You know, he can really shoot the basketball from the perimeter, he's got some great post moves, he's really long and an underrated defender, I think. He possesses a big body. For me, I think he'll try to do some of the same things he did with Shelden (Williams), maybe try to foul me out and attack me inside. But I always tell coach that a good post player has to play both ends, they have to defend and play on the offensive end. So hopefully we'll try and do some of the same things that we did against Wisconsin and attack them inside."

On growing up in Big Ten country and now playing against Big Ten teams for the national championship
"It's funny, especially for me, growing up watching Big Ten basketball, and especially this year with how much flack the Big Ten caught about how the only good team in the Big Ten was Illinois, Michigan State and from there it was pretty much even and kind of a drop off. But they've showed throughout this year that the Big Ten is tough. They beat up on each other throughout the season. But for us, we'll play Michigan State and whoever wins between Louisville and Illinois, hopefully we'll play well, we'll move on and we'll play whoever we play after that."

On Big Ten style
"They run more of a slow pace, but I think Michigan State runs more than most Big Ten teams do, them and Illinois. I think they have really good guards with Maurice Ager and Shannon Brown who can get out on the wing. I think the only thing that they don't have is that true point guard, but the freshman kid is playing well and stepping up right now. Right now they're clicking at the right time, they're peaking at right time. I like to think we're playing pretty good basketball right now, we've got some things we need to work on, but we're playing good basketball right now."

On Coach Williams using the Detroit Pistons as a good example of a team
"He showed us clips of that team and he asked us before we went in there, who is the best player on that team? And everyone had their difference in opinions...and he just said, you can't tell who the best player is, because they don't care. Everyone just plays together. That's what it's about, that's the epitome of a team. They are a team and they don't have one superstar, and no one shines. It's all about let's get a win, and the team is the one who shines. I think this team has totally turned around from what we were last year, the way we play and the way we did things. I think you can just see in our play on any given night you don't know who will be the leading scorer. It could be Marvin off the bench or it could be Raymond or Jawad. It doesn't matter to us, we just want to win."

On Michigan State's rebounding
"I think watching them play against Duke, in their last game, I was really impressed with the way they attack the glass. When we were flying back and I was sitting there talking to Marvin, I was like `These guys attack the glass better than anybody in the country.' Their guards attack the glass. Shannon Brown and Maurice Ager go hard to the boards. And that is a big part of the game, and I think the other big part is that we have to do a better job defensively than we did all weekend. Coach told us right after the game against Wisconsin that if we play defense the way we did tonight and the way we've done the past four games, we're going to have an early exit. It'll be one and done and we'll be coming home pretty unhappy. I think that's the biggest thing for us to get better defensively. That includes crashing the boards, and boxing out and keeping them off the boards."


On his ankle
"I feel great. I got another chance to practice in the Smith Center. It feels good knowing that there are only four teams left in the country, and you're one of them."

On what he thinks Coach Williams wants
"Coach Williams is a guy who wants to win and he has stored that in us. The fire and desire that he has toward the game, he has definitely put inside of us. He wants to win and it shows, especially on the sidelines."

On looking back over his career
"It feels good, it's like a dream come true. Throughout high school, I accomplished all the things that I wanted to accomplish in high school, and now it seems like all the things that I wanted to accomplish in college is coming true."

On how much credit Coach Doherty deserves for team's success
"He definitely has done some great things for us. He's the guy who got us here. He recruited us. He got me, Sean, Rashad, David Noel, Damion Grant, Byron Sanders. Those six guys came in with me. He got Jawad and all those guys in, so he did a great job at recruiting the guys that are here right now. He did a great job recruiting."

On scouting Michigan State
"Just looking at highlight, they are a scrappy team, a team that plays extremely hard, they are well-coached. They play with desire. They are a team that seems like to play with a chip on their shoulder, just like we would. Just trying to improve things and make it as far as they can. They're doing a great job."

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