Tuesday McDonald's Game Practice Report

Inside Carolina's Eric Bossi files an exclusive, behind-the-scenes report from Tuesday's practice for the McDonald's All-American Game in South Bend, Ind.


Tuesday morning participants at the McDonald's All-American game had their final team practices. After the practices the players enjoyed a luncheon with members of the media and game staff before the East and West squared off in a closed scrimmage later on in the afternoon.

Just as they had on Sunday and Monday, Danny Green and his East teammates spent a lot of time going over the offenses and defenses and little time actually scrimmaging. On the other court Tyler Hansbrough continued his strong week while Bobby Frasor started to find his rhythm during the West practice.

Inside Carolina also got a chance to watch one more future Tar Heel on Tuesday as Rashanda McCants showed what she is capable of.


Bobby Frasor - Throughout the week Frasor has looked like he's a bit tired. The 6-3 guard has been going non-stop from his high school season to the all-star circuit, but he seems to be getting his legs back now. Tuesday was Frasor's strongest practice as he drilled several open jump shots from the wing and found Tyler Hansbrough in the paint. Perhaps most impressive was a stretch where Frasor took C.J. Miles off the dribble and scored on three straight trips down the court.

Monday evening Frasor took part in the three-point shooting contest. Frasor had a fine showing but wasn't able to crack the top three and his night ended in the first round.

Danny Green - The best way to describe Green's play this week is steady. As usual he focused on working hard during drills and nailed several jumpers. Green also continues to surprise with his sneaky shot-blocking ability. He's not a guy who is going to block a lot of shots in direct one-on-one coverage, however he's got very good timing and has a knack for sneaking over from the help side to block shots from behind or from the side.

Like Frasor, Green took part in the three-point shooting contest on Monday night and found a little more success than his teammate. Green got off to a hot start scoring 17 points in the first round and advancing to the finals. There Green took a 15-to-eight lead over Martell Webster but was unable to hold off Mario Chalmers who took home the championship with a second round 17 after scoring 18 in the first round.

Tyler Hansbrough - Much as he has all week, Hansbrough continued to fight and scrap underneath the basket. The kid enjoys trading elbows and hips with other players in the paint and it was pretty obvious that he and Jon Brockman really enjoyed getting after each other. Not surprisingly the two come from similar towns, have a mutual respect for each other's blue collar style of play and get along well off the court.

Rashanda McCants - The boys game tends to draw the majority of the attention but McCants has represented the women's program well. The younger sister of junior guard Rashad McCants, Rashanda bears a striking resemblance to her brother and is similarly blessed with athleticism. She's got a very quick first step, a nice mid-range jump shot, posts up well and is an alert passer.

She does need to improve her left hand and once she learns to use her long arms to her advantage a little more she'll be a dangerous defender. Monday night she teamed up with future LSU Tiger Tasmin Mitchell in the two-ball competition but they were unable to make it out of the first round.

* TV Note - The 2005 Boys McDonald's All-American Game will air Wednesday night on ESPN at 8 p.m. (EST). The Slamfest, including the dunk, three-point and two-ball contests, will air beforehand at 7 p.m.

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