UNC-Virginia: Locker Room Report

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. – The North Carolina Tar Heels discuss their 73-63 loss to the Virginia Cavaliers on Tuesday night, UNC's 16th loss of the campaign, setting a single-season school-record.

The Tar Heels, 6-16, also dropped their 10th Atlantic Coast Conference game of the year to go with just two victories.

Here is what some of the Heels had to say after Tuesday's loss.

Kris Lang

On why he has had big second halves lately and mediocre first halves.

"I don't know. I thought that same thing but I can't tell you why. But I just don't know. I wish I could tell you something but I just don't know."

On UNC's zone defense.

"It did slow them down. It kind of stopped them for a minute. But then they started sliding the gaps. They started to flash in the high post and having someone hanging down in the low post. But we did slow them down and it allowed us to get back into the game."

On if he felt he had an advantage inside.

"I felt confident when I got the ball inside. I'd hold the ball for a minute to see if and where the double team was coming and if (a spot) opened up I was going to go in and shoot the ball."

On the 16th loss.

"It's very disappointing, it is painful and to the fact that it happened my senior year and happened at Carolina period. It tests your character. You find out who you really are and the people around you who they really are."

Jason Capel

On going to the zone.

"I think so (it frustrated UVa). I think (Roger) Mason's their only good shooter. We slowed him down and made them play a halfcourt game. But then it was tough to box out and they got some offensive rebounds and stuff like that. It was just a matter of us getting some stops and knocking down some shots."

On battling back from the two 16-point deficits.

"I think that shows that we still have some fight in this team. People have questioned whether we gave up and I think it's pretty obvious that we haven't given up. We're still playing hard and still giving effort out there trying to win games and if we continue to do that then something good is going to happen for us."

On if he has a comment on the 16th loss.


Adam Boone

On a loss still being a loss, despite whether a team plays well or not.

"To me, I've never really been one to analyze which loss hurts more. To me, losing is losing and there's no fun way to do it."

On going from free-lancing almost exclusively on Sunday night to running a lot of sets tonight.

"We did do a lot of free-lance as well as set plays. I think their zone made us execute plays. I think it's a lot harder to run a motion-type offense against a zone so we executed a little against that as well as some of our man plays. It helps us know exactly where the ball's going to go to get some guys some shots at some key times."

On the 16th loss.

"Obviously we play for the tradition and the guys that played here before but we can't really worry about things of that nature. For us, if we dwell on the record that we have broken in a negative form it's gonna hurt our chances the rest of the year and we still think we have a chance to play some good basketball to close the eyar."

Melvin Scott

On coming back from 16-point deficits in both halves.

"It was very exciting. Usually when teams build a lead on us we fight all game and then maybe we cut it to maybe 10 and we did it again (first half) like we did. But this time it was really exciting because they built a big lead and we cut it and they built a great big lead again and we cut it again, but this time we took the lead. And I am like, ‘Oh, this is the team we should have been seeing all year.' So when we play like that it is very exciting."

Jawad Williams

On UNC's zone defense.

"I think we did a good job of recognizing where their shooters were and getting in front of the big men, (Travis) Watson and anybody else posting up on the inside."

On the physical play inside, lots of fouls.

"Yeah, that's part of the game. It's physical down there but you gotta stay in there and take the punishment."

On the difference from having a game like Sunday (21 points, 11 rebounds) and then tonight (nine points, seven rebounds) and how he approaches it.

"Whatever comes comes. I Can't control that. There are other players on this team. I can't be selfish and go out looking for my own stats I gotta go out there and play and do what I can to help."

On the team having more fight the last two games.

"We gotta compete. Our record isn't showing what kind of team we are. We just have to go out ere and play we just can‘t worry about our record. If we did I think we'd have a lot of down people on this team. We just have to go out there and fight every night."

Will Johnson

On if UVa gave him space on offense.

"Watson was guarding me and I though I could take him off the dribble. The 3, if I remember was kind of a transition 3, so maybe it was more ball rotation. Maybe they weren't expecting it so I just stepped up and shot it."

Brian Bersticker

On how the bench felt during the comeback.

"We felt all along we were going to win the game. We're that kind of team. Virginia plays a style that the first two minutes they hit their shots and they're not going to hit their shots all game long. And we had opportunities and we missed a couple of layups. But, I mean, we thought the whole time we were going to come back and win."

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