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Illinois vs. UNC the matchup the players wanted

Dascenzo: Is tonight's game a case of talent vs. team?

McCants has sights set on prize

Final test for the tutor

Final Four notebook

Sportsview: Williams Wants to Win Title

Title Game Will Feature Good Guard Play

Few blue in a sea of orange

UNC's 'talent' vs. Illinois' 'teamwork'

No time like now for UNC

20 minutes proved UNC tough enough

Holley giving up hoops to focus on football

Heels say a victory would be team title

Coaching moves come full circle

UNC, Illinois meet for national title

Quigg recalls the '57 title

The matchup we all wanted to see

Coaches connected

Cream of crop to play for title!sports&s=1037645509200

Heels say that defense likely key to title game Point of Honor!sports&s=1037645509200

Expect to rate: For Tar Heels, spitting seems fitting!sports&s=1037645509200

Both teams carry grudges into final game

McCants curtails individual scoring for team's success

On the doorstep

May has more than genes

Heel hopes for his own 'Hoosiers'

Tar Heels' Williams knows bottom from top

Williams makes his point with defense, wins

Son of a champion, UNC's May flowers,0,5161361.column?coll=ny-basketball-headlines
Criticized McCants may get last laugh,1,1009831.story?coll=bal-college-mbasketball

Felton runs the show for Tar Heels

McCants has his eye on the goal

Williams has a chance to close two Sad Chapters

Williams, Weber Linked

Sometimes UNC rolls without Rims

The One We've Been Waiting For

Illini are biting at Underdog Role

Tar Heels Get Last Laugh

Trio endured 8-20 hardship!sports&s=1045855934844

Better believe it: Tar Heels could be scarier in '06

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