McCants Will Declare, Other Heels Could Follow

ST. LOUIS -- As North Carolina began its national championship celebration, so too began speculation of which Tar Heels will be heading to the professional ranks following this season.

Three seniors -- Jawad Williams, Melvin Scott and Jackie Manuel -- will graduate this spring, but four additional Carolina players are also on the NBA Draft radar.

"I think each player has to look at it individually," Roy Williams said Tuesday morning on ESPN. "I'll sit down with a few ... I know Rashad has already made the decision -- he will be going into the NBA."

Rashad McCants

  • "Yeah, it probably is [my last game]," McCants said in the locker room, explaining that he will hold a press conference in a few days to make an announcement.
  • "I've known for a while that Rashad would leave," Sean May said.

    Raymond Felton

  • "I'm not thinking about it right now," Felton said postgame. "I'm going to enjoy this moment and then me and my family will sit down. Whatever's best for me, I'll do. Of course, if I were in the lottery …"

    Sean May

  • "I'll sit down with my father and make a decision," May stated after the win. "Raymond could have an opportunity to leave. The big fella', Marvin, might leave, so there's no telling what might happen."

    Marvin Williams

  • "I'll sit down and talk to Coach about it here pretty soon," Williams said in the locker room. "I've got to do what's best for me. If it's best for me and my family to stay here, then I'll do that, but if I have to leave I'll do that, too."

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