'I Can Help Him Win Another One'

After wrapping up his junior season by winning a state championship, New Orleans (La.) Brother Martin star D.J. Augustin was able to take a couple of weeks off in order to replenish his body before the start of the club circuit. Just as he has the last few springs and summers, the 5-11 PG will hit the circuit with the New Orleans Jazz.

In the meantime Augustin has been working on his school list and admitted that he's got a top four list that consists of North Carolina, Wake Forest, LSU and Texas. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he was watching closely Monday evening as the Tar Heels defeated Illinois to win the national championship.

"It was a good game to watch and everybody played well, I was really happy for Roy Williams," Augustin told Inside Carolina. "It was his first championship, so if I happen to go there hopefully I can help him win another one."

Augustin readily admits that he is interested in the Heels and he's sure that there is a scholarship offer on the table. However, he also points out that he doesn't have a leader yet and is hoping to set up some visits. Even if he can't visit in an official capacity, Augustin is planning to take a more detailed look at the campuses of North Carolina and maybe Wake Forest when he plays in the Tournament of Champions in May.

"I want to try and visit both North Carolin and Wake Forest when I'm out there during May," said Augustin. "I need to visit Texas, too, and I can go to LSU whenever I want because it is so close."

Over the next few weeks Augustin expects each of his top four schools along with others like Ohio State to stop by and visit with him at school. He isn't sure exactly which school is coming in on which date and it could be because he's so busy working on his game.

After getting beat up by opponents in the paint due to his fearless attitude, he's trying to be a little easier on his body.

"I've worked hard on my jump shot and making it when I'm coming off of screens," said Augustin. "I can still get to the basket pretty much when I want to but I think I see the court much better now and can make more plays away from the basket."

Like many other highly recruited athletes, Augustin is also learning to deal with the attention. He's happy to be in the spotlight, but he's a low key kid and admits it can be kind of bothersome at times.

"Everybody is trying to tell me what to do. It feels good but at times it can get a bit aggravating," says Augustin. "Everywhere I go people want to know what I'm going to do."

At this point in the process Augustin feels good about each coaching staff and he admits that he could make a decision sometime during the early summer. It is just a matter of feeling comfortable enough to give that commitment. He isn't in a hurry to give anything other than his top four, but he has and will continue to keep in close contact with North Carolina.

"I talk to the coaches at North Carolina once or twice a week," said Augustin of his contact with the Carolina staff. "I talk to both Coach Williams and Coach Robinson, they're good guys."

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