Heels Mum On Future Plans

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Immediately following the <a href=http://northcarolina.scout.com/2/369240.html>UNC Basketball Awards Banquet</a> on Tuesday night, Marvin Williams, Sean May and Raymond Felton met with the media, which was clamoring for any indication of their future intentions.

However, while all their comments could be construed to go either way; none were going to be the one to spoil the evening by announcing officially for the NBA.

"I met with Coach [Roy Williams] last night, and right now, it's pretty much the same thing," said May, referring to his earlier statements that would have him returning for his senior campaign. "We're just all kind of sitting around waiting to see who will stay. If I find out any more information, I will relay it."

Felton said he met with Coach Williams Tuesday morning, in which they came to a decision. But Felton defiantly refused to shed any light on that conversation, saying he may or may not announce it officially next week.

"I talked with Coach, but we're still keeping it confidential," Felton said. "I made up my mind, but I'm not going to tell now either way."

Marvin Williams also said he had made up his mind, but plans to wait before going public with the decision.

Meanwhile, Roy Williams announced UNC will hold a press conference Wednesday at 2 p.m. to discuss Rashad McCants' future plans. However he stopped short of confirming Felton, May or Marvin Williams' decisions have been made.

"Nobody has to make a decision this week, but we are sitting down with our players and trying to give them some options," Roy Williams said. "I'm going to spend the next week to 10 days trying to get them some more information. When the decision is made, we'll make an announcement either way."

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