UNC-FSU: Robinson's post-game press conference

Steve Robinson

Opening Remarks:

"I think certainly you've got to give a lot of credit to Carolina and the way they shot the ball in the second half. Every time we tried to make a run or have a chance to build on it, they had some guys to step up and really make some tremendous shots and plays. Going 7-10 from the 3-point line is good offense.

"We didn't play bad. We shot over 50% from the floor, and I thought we did a pretty good job of taking care of the basketball, but we couldn't get enough stops when we had to have them. We just couldn't slow them down."

How much did they derive from spacing, particularly Lang and Boone? Boone made some three's. Did that create space for Lang down low?

"There's no question that combination worked well tonight. You're either going to not double down and Lang has 30 maybe, or you try to double down to make them make an extra pass—kick it back out—and Boone winds up with 28. He hit six 3-pointers, but that's the risk you've got to take in deciding how to defend those guys—what you need to do to slow them down a little bit."

You said earlier this week about how this was a dangerous game because you said that Carolina seemed to be playing better the last couple of games. Did it come to a head today, do you think?

"They've been playing better the last four or five games. I thought that they had done a much better job. It was a dangerous game, and we've lost five in a row. I think we are coming in and hadn't won a road game. We probably were the game that was the underdog in this basketball game. It's an important game, and every games becomes bigger and bigger because of where you are in your season. One game sometimes leads to another game, win or lose."

Monte Cummings was matching them basket for basket and then went through a stretch where he didn't touch the ball. Could you comment on that?

"Monte going basket for basket and the way he was getting baskets requires a lot of work. He had to come at it pretty hard in order to do that. They went zone late in the game, which is probably why he didn't get as many touches late. All of sudden, we're in a big hurry to get the ball up to the basket because we were down by 10 points the last two minutes of the game. We were just trying to get some penetration against their defense, which would lead to some kick-outs. When they were playing man-to-man, I thought we were able to get the ball in his hands and that was evident by his point total for the game."

Anthony Richardson didn't play much today. Do you think he is still an emerging player?

"I think he still is. I think he's going through the same thing that most guys are going through. I think when he's playing, sometimes he has success, and sometimes he's not having quite the success. I think early in the game he got in there and never could get a rhythm going. Some of the upperclassmen were playing well, and it was hard for him tonight to get back on the floor. But there is a lot of basketball in Anthony's carreer. He will do just fine."

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