UNC-FSU: Monte Cummings' post-game interview

Monte Cummings

Could you talk about the second half. It seemed like you got things going, but the last two minutes you didn't touch the ball. Was that part of the plan?

"First of all, you have to give it up to Coach Doherty. They called a time-out and made some adjustments. At first, they had a smaller guard guarding me. I was able to get my shot off easier. Manuel was playing great defense and there was good help defense by the rest of the team. I wasn't able to score as easily.

"I fault myself because I was rolling and then I got a little tired. In this league, when you need clutch basket you want to go to your go-to player, and he can't be tired. I blame myself for that. I've got to work harder and keep my conditioning up."

Was it a matter of you rushing to get shots up? For a while you were scoring at will.

"Yeah, but you've got to get stops on the other end. They did a great job of getting great shots. We just have to be able to capitalize on both ends, scoring on our end and then to stop them on the defensive end.

"We played a heart-felt game. Our guys left it all on the floor so I can't be upset. Like I've been saying all year, we are going to climb the hill. Eventually, we are going to make it, if we keep together and play hard. I'm upset we lost, but I'm not upset with my team."

Does this have an effect on this team?

"Yeah, but that's with any team. If you start losing, it can be a cancer, and it makes it very hard to get over that hump, but eventually we will. Either that, or we will fight on our way down. I just feel like this team has so much more to offer. We just have to get it all out of each other at the same time. I think we can do it, because we've done it before."

Do you think this team is feeling any pressure in regards to performing in order for Coach Robinson's job security?

"Coach Robinson is a great guy. I feel like regardless of what happens next year, he's going to be O.K., because he has a winning attitude. You can't find that everywhere. Coach Doherty has a great winning attitude. Both teams are struggling this year, but, eventually, it will sink in, whether he is at Florida State or somewhere else. I have full confidence in him, and I respect what he's doing. Right now, that's not an issue. We're just trying to win games."

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