Dickey having big season

One of the 2004 post players that UNC seems to be keeping a close eye on is 6-9, 250-pound center Rasean Dickey from Marlboro County in South Carolina. IC's Clint Jackson caught up with the sophomore star last night.

"We're off to a pretty good start this year," said Dickey, who has led his squad to an impressive 23-3 record this season. Both losses were the result of a forfeit, too -- because, as Dickey explains it, they played in three tournaments and were only supposed to play in two.

Dickey estimates his averages for the season at "15 points, 15-20 rebounds and eight blocks per game." And he's kept an eye on which programs have been there this season to watch him in action.

"I've seen Clemson, Florida, UNC, Kentucky up there," he noted. "And that's about it."

Dickey, though, says he isn't affected by the early attention that he's receiving.

"It doesn't really affect me at all," he said. "It's like an everyday thing, and I'm wide open at this time."

On the floor, Dickey is a forceful post player who has a big and strong body on the blocks that is really hard to move. The 6-9 PF/C has a very nice drop step and a couple of reliable scoring moves on the interior, plus he's a fine rebounder. In fact -- his rebounding is probably his best asset as a player right now because they're aren't too many ways to keep the strong center out of the low post and away from the glass. He's just a space eater that forces his way around the lane and bullies opponents near the basket.

With his size, body and relatively good scoring tools, he's likely to have an abundance of college scholarship offers very soon. Even though he's only a sophomore.

When prompted for an early list of programs that he likes, Dickey listed Maryland, Kansas, Florida and UNC -- but as he mentioned before -- he's wide open.

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