UNC-Ohio: Locker Room Report

Will Johnson

Coach said that he thought that you guys weren't into it for the first 32 minutes and that your defense wasn't up to par until the last seven to eight minutes.

"I'd say that's pretty accurate. I was guilty of it, and everybody was guilty of it. I don't know why that happened, but we weren't communicating well enough. Coach talked about we weren't emotionally into it, and he's probably right. I don't know why. They are a good team, and we should have been ready for them. You have to give them credit. They have good players. Hunter is tough to stop, but some of the things we did weren't real good."

At the beginning of the second half it was a ball game. What happened early?

"I thought the first half our defense was better than the first 13 minutes of the second half. We just didn't hit shots on the offensive end. Then, for whatever reason, they came out harder than us, and we can't let that happen."

Does it help you that NC State is up next?

"Yeah, it would be a big one to go to their place [and get a win]. I didn't feel like we played real well when we played them at home. We didn't have Jason, but still we didn't play well. Hopefully, if we play well with Cape in the line-up, we'll have some good results."

Jason Capel

It looked like with seven minutes you all got a surge of energy and you started communicating better on the court. What happened then?

"I don't know. I guess we just didn't hit the panic button and decided to play. It was a good effort, but I guess it was too little too late."

Coach Doherty said that he didn't see the total energy and effort the first 32 minutes. To what do you attribute that?

"I don't know — nothing specific, I guess."

In some of the losses you've had this year, the margin was much wider at the conclusion. Is it more frustrating to almost come back and have it slip away?

"No. This is a team we should have beat. We just didn't come out with the necessary energy and play as hard as they did. They came in here wanting to win, and they took it to us from the beginning of the game. It's our fault."

Kris Lang

Can you pinpoint any reason, like Coach Doherty said, that the effort just didn't seem to be there?

"We weren't hitting shots. I'll have to go back and look at the film. We were getting good shots. We just weren't hitting them, and they were hitting from long distance."

With the way the season has gone, do you take this in stride? What is the attitude of the team?

"What's the attitude? You've got to stay positive. You can't get down with what the media says or what some of the fans say. You just have to keep playing your game. It's a team thing. It's us in here that have to believe in each other."

What do you think got things going at the end?

"We were just being embarrassed out there, and we wanted to take pride in the last two minutes and go out there and play hard. Things started going our way. Like Coach said, for 32 minutes we were stone-faced. If we could have played a few more minutes like that, who knows what would have happened?"

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