UNC-Ohio: Matt Doherty's Press Conference

Matt Doherty

Opening Remarks:

"I stand here disappointed in our effort. We didn't seem to be emotionally into it for the first 32 and one-half minutes. For what reason, I have no idea. You can theorize all you want. I guess, only the guys know why. Maybe we didn't shoot it well, and that led to a lack of energy, but our defense stunk. We finally got into it, and we were too far back. This team can't afford to come out that way.

"Again, maybe it was that we didn't shoot it well, and our guys got down, but we had good looks. We've been shooting it well. I thought we'd shoot it well. We shot real well in practice yesterday, and we shot well in the shoot-around, but we still have to guard people. We did not guard.

"Ohio is a good team. I think Tim does a good job. I think Hunter is a hell of a player. But everyone on their team did something to contribute. They fought really hard for 40 minutes, and we did not.

"On Jawad's effort, I wasn't going to play him, but he came in and had a heck of an effort on a bad ankle."

Is there any indication over the past few days that they were down emotionally?

"Heck, we just won a basketball game. Everyone was feeling great. I have no idea. I'd be embarassed to say anything. I don't know — I have no idea."

Can you talk about your offense against their 1-3-1 zone.

"I thought we got pretty darn good looks. What that does is slow you up. We made an adjustment at halftime. Doug Wojcik had a good point — put Kris in the middle and let Jason out on the wing because he's a better shooter and a better passer. I thought we got good shots. We knew they were going to do it, and we worked on it. I wouldn't do anything differently. I thought we got good looks, but we didnt knock them down."

You talked a lot before the game about Hunter, but Esterkamp [hit some big shots].

"He's a great shooter. He shoots 49% from the three. He's a tough kid. They've got tough kids. Flomo, he had five offensive rebounds. He wanted it pretty badly — more than we wanted it for most of the game."

When the upperclassmen make as many defensive mistakes as the younger guys, is that a hard situation in terms of affecting the younger guys, in a form of lack of leadership?

"I don't know. I don't want to go there. I think Jason and Kris have provided really good leadership throughout. I wouldn't make any judgements like that about leadership. No, I just think that we were not mentally sharp, and again, I don't know why. If the shooting carried over to the rest of our game, we should be tough enough to handle that, but we weren't."

Was it an encouraging note that during the run that you made that six straight baskets were scored by the freshmen?

"Yeah. I thought Jackie — I got on him after he turned the ball over in the second half. He turned the ball over and shot an airball. I don't know if he was nervous or what, but I thought he needed to come out of the game.

"I thought Jackie made some great plays, especially in the first half, to keep us in the game. Jawad made great plays in the second half, and Melvin had 17 points. I don't know how many he had at half-time, but I thought he did some good things in the second half.

"Yes, it's encouraging. I've tried to put positive spins on a lot of things this year, and I'm glad that we came back and fought back. We showed we had some pride, but I'm pretty discouraged with 32 and a half minutes of our game."

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