One Visit Remains For Echefu

He's getting closer. Uche Echefu visited North Carolina last weekend and that makes three trips on the books. One more visit remains and then he'll make his decision. Inside Carolina's Dave Telep spoke to the Top 50 prospect Tuesday afternoon ...

One of the most documented recruiting stories of the year is coming to a close. Uche Echefu,'s No. 34 prospect in the Class of 2005, is probably a week away from reaching his college decision. Last weekend, Echefu who is down to North Carolina, Florida State, Kentucky and Maryland, visited the Heels.

"It was pretty good," Echefu said. "I went there and got to see the facilities and what the school was like. North Carolina has their own tradition and I got to meet almost every player that is on the team. I got to talk to them about what they think about the coaches and I got a good feeling."

Good enough that he could picture himself in Carolina blue?

"I know that if I go there my game is going to keep improving no matter what because the coach is like one of the best coaches," he said.

Still, the future business major is faced with a difficult decision. He was in Lexington a few weeks ago and that visit kept the Wildcats alive.

"The Kentucky visit was good," Echefu said. "Its like the countryside but I got to the arena and it was good. I talked to all the players and hung out with them."

Florida State's official visit with Echefu was a long time ago, but the Nigerian hasn't forgotten about the Seminoles.

"They're still one of my top schools," he said. "They have always been one of my top schools."

And then there's the Terps. Echefu says they deserve a visit and a chance to make an impression.

"I'm going to visit Maryland. It's my hometown and I have to pay them my respect. I respect the coaches a lot and if I go there and it impresses me I'll make my decision between the four schools."

Echefu is well aware of the fact that it's time to get down to business and reach a conclusion. The Maryland visit, be it unofficial or official, will determine when he decides.

"Maybe this weekend," he speculated on the visit to College Park. "It's close to home so maybe I can see them this week. That'll determine when I make my decision."

For the cerebral Echefu, the process has been a long one and he sincerely likes all of his choices.

"They're all good schools. That's why it's so hard for me to make the decision. The most important thing is where I can be happy, get better and play a lot."

Soon all the data will be analyzed and he'll sit down to figure it out. Any time in the next week or so, we should be privy to the results.

"My last visit was good and the couple I've been to were good. It's just time for me to make my decision."

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