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Sean May has concluded a regular season of accolades and development on and off the court. He'll take aim at the state title starting next week and is eagerly awaiting the start of his Tar Heel career shortly thereafter. <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s David Thompson provides an extensive update.

With a double-double by Carolina signee Sean May, Bloomington North closed out the regular season with an 83 - 46 win over Brown County Friday night. May scored 26 points and grabbed 14 rebounds and, remarkably, Bloomington North became only the second boys basketball team in Indiana's Monroe County to win 20 regular season games.

Leading by ten points at the half, Bloomington North went on a 7-0 run to build an unsurmountable lead and secure the win.

For the season, May is averaging an All-American worthy 22 points and 12.5 boards per game.

Blooming North postseason:
Sean May's postseason begins in sectionals next Tuesday night, 2/26, at 7:00 p.m. with a first round game against Columbus North (IN). This was a 50-point win for the Cougars in the regular season matchup on 12/8, with May hitting for 31 points and grabbing 12 rebounds.

Assuming a Bloomington North win, they will face the winner of Bloomington South (IN)/Columbus East (IN) on Friday, 3/1. Should Bloomington South make it to a matchup with Bloomington North, this would pit Sean May and his team against the coaching of Jon Holmes' father, who is coach of the Bloomington South squad.

However, if Columbus East makes it to a second game against Bloomington North, this was one of Bloomington North's two losses during the regular season (2/15, 60-50, despite May scoring 29 and ripping down 12 rebounds). This would be an early, stern test for May and his squad during the postseason.

Indiana high school playoff schedule

May Reaps Awards:
After breaking the Bloomington North career scoring record and then the Monroe County career scoring record (set by UNC's Jon Holmes) earlier this season, Sean May was recognized three times during halftime of last night's contest.

First, it was Senior Night at Bloomington North as Sean was recognized and, in turn, shared that honor with his rightfully proud parents, Debbie and Scott May, Sr., during the last regular season game of Sean's career at Bloomington North.

Second, the McDonald's All-American Committee was present at Sean's game last night and presented a certificate to May for being one of the top 100 players in high school basketball in the United States. (As reported by IC earlier this week, we've learned that May had been named a McDonald's All-American selectee, an honor bestowed on 24 of the nation's high school stars).

The third accolade was bestowed by the Indiana Basketball News, as Sean was named Indiana Basketball News 2002 Player of the Year.

Sean May has only lost one home game in his entire high school basketball career. Of this accomplishment, Debbie May commented, "That is remarkable! And he's only lost nine games in his whole total high school career…"

"I think that any kid that's worked hard and is recognized for their accomplishments, is a great honor. But it is certainly a great honor that, out of all the high school basketball players that are seniors, for Sean to have been chosen the Player of the Year. I think that he's worked hard. He's tried to do right and be a good type of kid and a good player."

"It just says that when you work hard, those type of accomplishments do come. I was more than grateful and the McDonald's thing is just a big honor. I understand that only 26 players in Indiana have ever made it to the McDonald's game."

Sean's Development This Year:
Sean has continued a physical transformation this year. Debbie May noted, "I think for Sean, everybody kept saying that he was a good player except that he was too heavy. That made him have a greater desire to want to work on that. And when he got with the personal trainer – he's still working with the personal trainer – he's lost a good 20-25 pounds. He looks better. I think he feels better and he's definitely playing better, even if it doesn't show in his points. He's not as tired at the end of the game; you can see that when he's playing. He doesn't look as completely worn out like he used to."

"I think losing the weight has given him a certain amount of confidence. I'm so proud of Sean. I think he has thought his decisions over clearly for what he wanted to do and the road he wanted to travel. This was the type of high school career that he wanted to have."

Character Building for May:
Despite May's great accomplishments and contributions to Indiana high school basketball, there has been a heavy price paid for Sean's decision to leave the Hoosier state for North Carolina. The Indiana press and fan base has transferred its former adulation and affections to other players because of May's choice of the Tar Heels.

Going through what some might call a "character-building" period in his life, May is regularly taunted at games, both at home and away and has had to bear intense negativity because of his choice. Local Indiana coverage of May on Friday contained no mention or picture of the once-coveted, once-a-hero post player's honors.

Debbie May notes, "That's been really tough. It's hurt him a lot. Nevertheless, Bloomington is his hometown, even though he didn't choose to go to Indiana University. And so, for him, I think he thought once he had made his decision it would blow over, it would just be done with. For the comments that people make, the taunting that has been going on at the games, the signs that have been at the game… If Carolina loses, they bring their scores to a game, put it on a big sign. It's really been hard. This has been a very tough year, probably the toughest year of his life."

"It is just very frustrating for Sean, and, as hard as he has worked that he should have to go through this because of a decision he took. Regardless, he's only 17 years old and to put all that on him – that's just a lot of baggage."

"I think this has made him more hungry to get to North Carolina. He just can't wait to get there. He thinks that this [North Carolina] team is going to be the team to watch out for. He thinks that the chemistry is there, the right type of players are there, the focus is there, and he believes that they can turn this thing around their first year. That's not to say that they can but they'll be ‘waltzing'" [laughing].

Debbie May concludes: "I just wanted to say you guys have done a tremendous job and because he's not getting the proper press here, we actually have to go to your web site to find out the stuff that's going on with Sean. Last night we were going through and we found this thing on the message board that said "Cool Sean May link" and we'd never seen it! It was just really neat. A lot of the things we find out about Sean, we have to get off the [Inside] Carolina web site!"

A quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reads, "What does not kill me makes me stronger." True to those words, May has become more resolute and certainly has gained wisdom in the face of fickle fan affections. He has continued to pursue and attain growth in both physical development and the level of his play and used the bitterness and hostility of those around him as motivation.

And, despite the disappearance of gushing accolades and the toned-down image that the Indiana press seems to be trying to paint, North Carolina is getting the same -- no, make that a much more developed -- tremendous player with increased fortitude and character to go along with his fabulous basketball skills.

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