Q&A with McCants' coach

Jamie Arsenault

What do you admire most about Rashad the person?

"The thing I admire most is that he's not afraid to be himself. He doesn't always have to be the center of attention. He doesn't always have to follow the crowd. He can be by himself. Also, he's taking care of business academically. He's done an incredible job. He's one of the brightest kids I've ever coached in my life. If he wants to be a coach at some point, he can do it."

What do you like most about his game?

"I like the fact that he can basically score whenever he needs to. He just takes it to another level. He has bailed us out of a lot of situations. You can get him the ball down low, kick it out to him high, he makes the big shot. He's had many big shots in his career, and I think you'll see a lot more of them down here (at UNC). He's not afraid to take the big shot. I admire that about him. He's got big cajones for a 17 year-old."

It looks like he sees the court well out there.

"Yes, he does. He's gotten better at that. Sometimes you've got to make the simple play instead of the flashy play. At the end of the game, you want just a simple pass. You don't need to try to thread the needle. He sees the floor. For a 17 year-old kid, he's pretty darn talented. We put a lot of pressure on him. We want him to be the best right now, and we expect a lot from him. It's hard when you're so used to having him and you become focused on what he can and can't do. Sometimes, you step back and say, 'Wow! He's 17 years old, and he's a Hell of a player."

Rashad seemed to take everything within the flow of the game. Is that the way he usually plays?

"Yes. The only time he really will force it, or when he's not quite on the top of his game, is when he will settle for shooting three's. He sets back instead of trying to get a flow going and getting it inside and outside. Once he has a flow, forget about it. He can make three's, he can drive by you, he can dunk, he can rebound, he can do all those things. Sometimes, I've seen him force it, trying to get his shot going, taking some three's and not get the whole team in the flow of the offense. But other than that – "

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