UNC-Duke: Coach Hatchell's Press Conference

Postgame excerpts from the Tar Heel head coach.

[Opening statement by Coach Sylvia Hatchell]

"I saw some good things out there today. I think we can play with Duke. I think a couple of major things. First off in the second half we went 1-21, I think that was the key there. Jennifer missed her shot right under the basket, and we missed some goodshots and they were getting transition off our missed shots.

So I think that was the big key there, we were 1-21, the first nine minutes we had 2 points. You can't have a drought like that and beat a team like Duke. We can make some corrections. Those are things we can correct. The good thing is we took 50 shots in the paint. I see some areas, if we get to [play duke] again, I think that hopefully we won't go dry with our shooting like we did.

[To Nikki Teasley] How do you feel about Duke winning on your senior night?

"It didn't spoil my night. It's great for them. It kind of frustrates me that we shot 1-21, I felt like we could have been there if we shot better. But that's great for them, they are a great team, they are playing well right now and they deserve it. I'm happy for them.

[To Hatchell] Do you feel like the tempo got out of hand during the 26-2 run?

"Well they were able to run on our missed shots. They didn't get all that in the 1st half. They were able to get transition because of our missed shots. We took some bad shots, and Coretta had a couple of good open three's that she usually makes. But our missed shots led to their transition.

[To Candace Sutton] How were they able to limit your touches down low?

"I think they were double teaming me, and I was trying to give it to the open man.

[To Teasley] Could you talk about playing this team again in the ACC tournament?

"Well, right now we are just gonna take this and learn from it. Of course, we play teams before we play them. We can't get two ahead of them. We just can't blowoff a Wake Forest or a Maryland."

[Durham Herald To Hatchell] Can a team that dominated -
"I wouldn't say dominated-"
"If we don't go 1-21, I wouldn't say dominated-
That won by a large margin be beaten?
I don't know but I'd like the chance.

[To Teasley] How hard was it to get into your offensive flow during the "run?"
"It's hard to do anything when you miss 20 of your first 21 shots. Everyone was getting frustrated, like the whole team. Even the players that weren't in the game. We just got out of our flow, and the things we did in the first half. It's tough to beat a team like Duke, when you don't make your shots."

[To Hatchell] What did you tell your team after the game?

"I told them we would learn from this. That we had gone 1-21 to start the second half, and I thought that the first half we did a lot of good things. I hope we do get to play them again. I'd love to have the opportunity to play them again. This game will help us in the ACC tournament. We'll learn from this. We'll learn from this."

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