UNC-NCSU: Locker Room Report

RALEIGH, NC -- University of North Carolina basketball players, Jason Capel, Kris Lang, and Adam Boone, answer questions following the Tar Heels' 98-76 loss to NC State.

Jason Capel

What was the conversation like at halftime? Did you talk about changing anything or making adjustments?

"Just maintaining and finishing the game. We had a little cushion – a little 10-point cushion. We knew they were going to come out hard. The big thing was not coming out flat, and I don't think we came out flat. We just missed shots, and they came out and made shots. When that happens, the place gets going crazy, and you get backed into a corner.

"We put up a good fight. We didn't lay down. I'm sure everybody knows that wasn't a 20-point game. The game was a lot closer than the final score shows."

What allowed them to pull away when the score was tied at 66?

"Turnovers on our part, not making shots on our part, and them executing, getting shots, and making shots. It's that simple."

Can you take anything positive from this game?

"People ask if we are quitting. If you look at our effort, we didn't quit. We came out here and played hard. We were in a great position to win the game. We just couldn't put 40 minutes together. We have two, three, five, however many games we've got left, so if we do that, anything can happen. We've got to stay positive and stick together."

Kris Lang

It looked like you had your way on offense more in the first half. Were they bumping you and was it as physical as it looked the second half?

"I don't think it was anything out of the ordinary for the ACC. I just wasn't hitting my shots, and that's just something that I have to do. I would shoot the same exact shots again, and I know I'd hit them. It's just one of those things – that's the game of basketball. You are going to miss shots on certain nights, and then you just have to get back on defense."

Is Marcus Melvin a particularly tough match-up for you, because you don't normally have to guard players who roam on the perimeter?

"You have to credit Marcus Melvin. He hit some tough shots tonight. He hit some deep three's, and he played well. So did the rest of the team. Scooter Sherrill came in and gave them some big points, and Anthony Grundy posting up, being as long as he is, is always a factor."

You guys were doing so well in the first half. Where did it get away from you in the second half?

"I believe our execution in the second half wasn't as great. All that is is a matter of screening. We passed and just didn't screen. When you screen somebody, you get open, and then things happen. We also have to credit NC State. They played great defense. They picked up the pressure in the second half, and they're just a good team."

Adam Boone

You've been shooting the ball pretty well, lately. Do you feel like you are accomplishing something for yourself, for the future, as well, having made improvements the last month?

"I don't really think about that too much. I think that is probably happening, but, for me, it's more heat-of-the-moment. I'm not really considering how much it will help me in the future. I think the biggest thing I draw from it is just being aggressive, and good things happen when I'm aggressive."

It seemed as though you didn't get many touches the last few minutes. Did they do anything differenly defensively?

"Grundy guarded me for a little while there towards the end. He makes a difference, but at the same time, when we started getting behind, we ran a lot more set plays to try to control the shots we were getting, and, most of the time, I'm running those instead of taking the shot. What we were trying to do is get the ball into Kris and get good shots. I feel we did get good shots. It wasn't necessarilly anything they did differently."

The NC State team said that they felt that their defense really helped their offense. Did you feel like their defensive intensity was higher in the second half?

"Their defense definitely picked up. When you are scoring, it's a lot easier to play defense, whereas in the first half, we were scoring well, so we were able to defend them. But in the second half, the roles reversed, and they were able to score. I mean, they scored 62 points, and when they score like that, their defense is going to be set a lot more. It makes it much tougher to score against that."

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