UNC-NCSU: Doherty's postgame press conference

RALEIGH, NC -- Matt Doherty addresses the media following a 98-76 loss to NC State.

Matt Doherty

Opening Remarks:

"Give credit to NC State and Herb. He's done a good job with this team. Anthony and Archie have done a great job with their team. I thought that we were in good shape at the start of the second half, but they came out and went on a run that really changed the momentum in their favor. We didn't handle the ball as well in the second half as we did the first. We didn't get the open looks in the second half that we got in the first.

"At the end of the game, we wanted to try to win the game, so we put them on the foul line. They are a good foul-shooting team, and I hope you all agree that the game was a little closer than whatever the spread was – 22 points.

"I was proud of our kids, because there has been a lot of talk about them quitting. They obviously did not quit, and I think that's a credit to the seniors. I really challenged the seniors, coming into this game, and put it on them. I was proud of the way they responded. We just have to put 40 minutes together, and against good teams, we can't just play a good half, or a good 32 minutes, or whatever. You have to play 40 good minutes. Again, a lot of credit goes to State."

NC State scored 62 points in the second half. It looked like they scored a lot of offense with their defense.

"I think they did. They were pretty active. Grundy does a lot of things, defensively. We weren't as sharp with our passes. I don't think our cutting was as good. We had some silly mistakes, like the 10-second violation. Give them some credit, but we should get it over the 10-second line. Not boxing out Hodge at the foul line, a turnover by Melvin, a turnover by Adam, those are the things. We showed a lot of poise in the first half, but, in the second half, we didn't show as much poise."

Was the 62 points the result of them getting good looks, or was it that you weren't as good, defensively?

"A little bit of both. I think, defensively, we weren't as sharp. I thought we were very good, defensively, in the first half. We held them to 38% and 28% from the 3-point line. We really contested shots very well. In the second half, we didn't do as good a job with that. They also got points off of turnovers, and it's hard to guard against that. And then fouled a lot. They got to the foul line 37 times. We only got to the foul line 21, so that's a big discrepancy. Part of that was at the end of the game. We wanted to foul to try to win. When you are down 10-12 points with three minutes to go – two and a half minutes to go – you make a decision. I don't want to try to keep it close. I want to try to win, and they are a good foul-shooting team. You look at the state sheet and say 'Who do you foul?' All of them are pretty much 70% or higher. They did a good job of subbing in and out their good foul shooters at the end of the game."

When Archie went out with four fouls, did you feel pretty good getting him off the floor?

"I felt pretty good, but we didn't capitalize, like we should have, in that situation. I thought the other guys on their team stepped up pretty good and made some plays."

How is Jawad?

"I don't know. [It was] his wrist, but it has to be X-rayed."

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