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Carolina Basketball

So much for the favorite's role in the 2005-06 season. "I just hope we'll be favored to show up," head coach Roy Williams said Thursday.,0,1997147.column?coll=ny-collegesports-headlines
NY Newsday

"Out of the 75 points we scored against Illinois in the national championship game, only one - a free throw by David Noel - was scored by a returning player."
Williams rebuilding yet again at Carolina
NY Daily News

Carolina Football

"He's got a lot of power when he runs," Smith said. "He runs through people. A lot of times he doesn't get caught after he runs through people. He's got a good arm. As the season went on last year, he showed a lot of potential as a quarterback. His arm is exceptional."
Havelock standout commits to Tar Heels
Winston-Salem Journal

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